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my 90 gallon tank


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that is exciting news. gotta love when they split on their own. of course there are people like dsoz, tidalsculpin, and i, that force them to split whenever we want. a little scissor persuasion and they are two anemones in a matter of seconds. lol.


nice looking clam, looks like a maxima? can we get some full tank shots and more info? good to see new people posting.

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We just took down the tank tonight. I had it on a iron stand that was rusting.It had been on that stand for over 28 years. Someone gave me a nice stand for free, if I came andpicked it up. Its hard to find a five foot stand, let me tell you. I been working on that tank since nine am and now its twelve fifty am and I just finished. though. Good came out of this. I buffed out the scratches in my acylic tank. I need more rocks now though. Since the stand was giving I hadn'd been putting in rocks in fear everything might come crashing down. Oh and I got rid of my bad fishy that had been eating my pulsing xenias

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