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FS FS- frogspawn for sale... Get it out!


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Two different people that wanted the lot both fell through. I still have about 50-60 heads of frogspawn.


Lots of different colors still available. I will be at the meeting on Saturday, but will be late (my son is marching in the grand floral parade with the band that morning, I am not going to miss it!).


$8/head. If there are two heads that are forming that are still to close to each other, I will call it 1.5 heads.


I am allergic to these, and get a rash that lasts for 3 weeks whenever I touch one of them.










I also have three frags of cespitularia, "blue xenia" for $15 each.




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Ryan, let me know what you want. I'll work you a good deal. Most people that get something from me go away happy.





I figured that :) I just thought I would ask since no one else had. I will let you know.

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If you call this orange, I have a few at home, and 7heads that I put in my school tank that I can replace with a different color.




I call this color "purple with lavender spots" but when I was at Waves this last weekend after the meeting Joel was showing me one just like it that he was calling "orange" ???



Picture #2 actually has bumps on it that are at least two different colors. Some are more lime and some are more lavender.


I can take some pictures of the one at school if you would like to see it. I'll give a deal on it... 7 heads for $45.



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SOme pics of the one at school would be cool. The one I had was a dark orange with brighter orange tips.


No, it is not dark orange. If anything, it is the same as the one in the photo above, but it is more extended and lighter color because it is under PC lights in an AP24.


I will take my camera to school tomorrow and get a pic on my prep hour. The cool thing about it is that I put it in there with only 2 or 3 heads at the start of the year. Now it is the end of the year and it has 7. Most of the students don't believe me when I talk with them about the growth. Then I show them some starting pictures and show that it only had 2 or 3 heads. Then they think it is cool.





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Here is the one from school. I took it out of my home tank to put it in my school tank. It started out the year with only 2 or 3 heads, and now it has 7. It is in a stock AP24 with 2x39w PC (one daylight and the other actinic)


actinic only



I will replace with another piece from my home tank it if it is sold.



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