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Anyone ever keep there chiller in there stand?


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I know it will cause heat and make the chiller work harder.

But my last house and tank i had my chiller plumb into my crawlspace and thats not an option this time, and i dont want it sitting out in the open soooo.


What if its in the stand, the stand has a lot of ventalation holes in it. i add a fan or two to force outside air into the stand to help vent. I am thinking it should work?

The tank is 48x36x28 and the stand is 40tx 48x36 there will be 2x 400 mh and 4x 54 watt t-5 over the tank or i may go 2x 110watt vho instead of the t5's still undecided. My house has ac and will not get above 75 so i dont think the tank is going to run to hot anyway but looking for your thoughts.

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I used to have a chiller, but it was so noisy and put out so much heat, that our little window a/c had no chance.


I had to get rid of the chiller.

We had a heat pump installed last year and keeping the temp at 73 in the house, and running fans over the tanks has kept the tank temps steady at around 79-80.

No need for a chiller, but I'm only running T5s on one tank, and a 250w MH on the other, so it may be different for other lighting.

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