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My New Fish


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Well, most of my fish died in the move, except my clown fish.


Today I went and got a lawnmower blenny from alicia and dj, since they are tearing their tank down. They said this guy was always afraid of people, and I think they're lying. LOL


Lawnmower blennies are great aren't they? They aren't the prettiest, but they do have good color if you get up close, and they have killer personalities.


Here he is chillaxin' in my hand:





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keep in mind they jump, love to get sucked into pumps, and can starve if your tank gets too clean. with that in mind, they are awesome and have always been one of my favorite fish

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jumping is just something my fish have to deal with. i tell them before i put them in what is expected of them, and if they jump it is their own fault.


haven't ever had one sucked into a pump. i only have koralia pumps and they have fairly low suction over the area they suck in from.


dont think the fish is going to starve in my 72 or my 200. i have plenty of that beautiful green stuff, tropic grass isn't it?

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My LMB has so much vergitation to choose from he looks pregnant. No starving alowed in my tank.


My wife calls the LMB the "ugly fish" in my tank. He is my #1 favorite. Curtis, it looks like you have a friendly one. :)



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Definitely my favorite. They look like they are always crabby. 6 line my next favorite then I would go with a jaw fish. Doesn't matter what type. Students favorite is the Niger trigger and of course the clown fish. I definitely like the Niger but not a huge fan of clown fish except they swim funny.

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My all time favorite fish is the Sohal Tang.

number 2: Flame Hawk

number 3: Yashe Yase Goby

number 4: Dragonfaced Pipefish

number 5: I really like the sunrise dottybacks


I like the sohals too but not half as much as i do my lt tang. he's awesome. His name is Leutenant dan=)

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