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FS 120G


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Who made the tank? How thick is the acrylic? Any holes drilled? Does it have a black back ground? What kind of overflow? Where is the overflow located?


Thanks for answering my questions...



Not me

I will measure it for you tomorrow

Yes one, center bottom.


In tank

Back middle



Steve, did you see the tank? If it doest sell for asking price I will be forced to make it a FOWLR tank, poor me. So your thought might be right.

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Sounds like a nice tank Troy. I love those "double cube" dimensions. Sounds like it could be a Tricon - I could probably tell from a pic but they have "seaswirl" cutouts on the top in the back corners and rounded front corners (front and sides are single, bent, piece of acrylic). FWIW.

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It is a nice tank, if it doesnt sell I will have to set it up, poor me.


Sean your right It has one peice for the front and sides with the front corners being rounded. It is at least 1/2" thick.

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