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Gladstone area


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Hey guys and gals!


Well my moving to Idaho has appeared to crash landed!


We want to move out of Salem and we are thinking about Gladstone since my kids are there.


Anyone help me out by giving me some costs on utilities, rent if you live in Gladstone, maybe a nice area, and/or anything else that might help me out!


I appreciate it!


Looks like you guys can't get rid of me after all!!

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Gladstone and Oregon City are similar in home values. There are a lot of older homes in the area, most are fairly well kept. You could probably score one for sale in the upper $180K to lower $200K range. IDK about rent. Home prices right now have gone down to about the same as they were 4 years ago (when I bought my house here in OC).


If you do find a place, there are 6 reefers just up the hill from you in Oregon City.


I would be willing to help you on this end unload your tank and help you settle into your new diggs.


I think that the best part about living in OC is that I am just about equidistant from fantaseas/seahorse as I am from upscales/waves. Aquaticus is just a little bit more, and it is a quick jaunt over to Davy J's, Rose City, Soutas, or Doran's store. :) I can get to any one of the portland fish stores in 10-20 minutes. It is AWESOME!



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OC is a nice place for the most part. In my opinion it is better than Gladstone. I have lived in Oregon City my whole life and I dont plan on leaving any time soon



That right there is funny, I dont care who you are.

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