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Whats everyones Kelvin choice for refugium lighting?


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I had a 6500k t5 on my fuge and didnt get much growth till it fell into the sump and stopped working. Went to Home Cheapo and bought a 2700k cf floodlight with the built in reflector with the socket for like 15 dollars and i am getting way better growth now!

I run the light 24/7.


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I have used literally over a dozen differnt light spectrums and get the best growth out of the 6500K spectrum with the CF screw in bulbs and reflectors. I currently run 2 6ft VHO actinic daylight bulbs with about a 10-12K spectrum. I get way more grow, but would guess it is because of the wattage and intensity of the bulbs. Having a slightly higher nutrient leve will also help with growth if that is what you are going for.




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