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high calcium level


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I screwed up. I must have tested wrong - and unknowinly added a bit much Ca to one of my tanks. My CA level (after testing a few times with my Elos) reads 550-560. What issues might I have? I will make up some water tomorrow and do a 10-15 gallon change tomorrow on my 60. I only have that one rock with the 'rescue' corals on it (acro and two caps). Are they in danger?


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I agree with Bob, I don't think you're in real trouble from the Ca levels though you might get a corresponding drop in alk iirc... and that could be more of a problem. I'd keep an eye on the alk levels and just wait it out.

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Make sure to check all pump impellers. CA deposits will build up very quickly with high CA. If there's any white deposits in the impeller well, or on the rotor you will need to soak it vinegar.


If it's only been high for a few days, it shouldn't be a problem.

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