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unexpected new coral...


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A buddy of mine just called...due to certain circumstances his tank is now half torn down. He has a rock with a huge colony of 'Ice Blue' acro - with orange and pink cap on it...as well as one other coral (can't recall what). He wants to bring it to me tomorrow as he wants it to not die off. My only concern with this is my 60g is so new, but I have been testing parameters and the crab and mushrooms I tossed in for kicks are doing fine. I am going to try and save this rock with corals, but if things start to go south on me is there anyone I can count on to babysit (frags will be in the deal).

He also has a huge pink birdsnest and a avery large ora tort (not sure what he is doing with the tort as it is attached to a big rock).

I know, don't put anything in such a new tank...but I'd rather try to keep this stuff alive then have it die off in his half-running system.

OK, done venting :)

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Bob, thank you so much! I owe ya!

I will have time to run and get the coral at work tomorrow (he is bringing in to work early) and then come home and do a quick acclimation and cleansing with Revive and drop it in the cube. I will keep an eye on it and may bring it to you when I come to visit Friday. Thanks!

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Eventually I will snap off a piece of that pink cap if you would like a frag...give it a few weeks and remind me please.

On another note, the Ice blue Acro has some nice polyp extension this morning, and the color is holding true. I think it will be OK!

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