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New Apex Aquacontroller


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I have seen this. It looks nice, but I dont think it will be out by the time I get my controller. It looks like a piece of equipment that will be "future-proof" at least for a little while...


I am currently looking at Reef Keeper's new line called Reef Keeper Lite. I am looking at the level 3 kit, which includes pH probe, temp probe, 2x 4 plug modules, computer link, and some other stuff...


The Reef Keeper Lite just came out and got great reviews on the site here in Utah, and they are pretty inexpensive. They offer a lot more bang-for-your-buck than a AC Jr, and connection-wise is competitive with higher end models like the AC 3, although the main head unit is pretty basic.

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My reservations about the RKs are the # of plugs you can have. I was taking a look at the comparision chart and saw that the controller could only control 8 plugs, did I miss something? Is that true for the Reefkeeper lite? I could see using 8 plugs right away (2 fans, 2 pumps, 4 for VHOs, 2 for Halides, 1 for Phosphate reactor.....)


I went to the Aquacontroller site and I saw something that said they should have the controlloer by June 22nd. I didn't call to confirm, but that doesn't seem too far away.


For me, I am thinking I might get out of the hobby in a couple years when I have kids, so its pretty hard to drop $500 on an Apex.

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that seems WAY too cheap for what i can do based on the competition and what their older controllers cost... complete web integration, with over the web programming... could be too good to be true, or maybe they finally realized that people dont want to spend an arm and a leg for 20 bucks worth of silicon. Either way, if first reviews are good, this may be the way I go. Wanted a profilux, but this has basically the same functionality for a lot less.

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Either way' date=' if first reviews are good, this may be the way I go. Wanted a profilux, but this has basically the same functionality for a lot less.[/quote']


If they basic Apex set-up is $500, it's not all that cheap.

They had a basic Profilux sale for $399 recently (though it was with the 4 outlet powerbar)



Don't know if that promo is still going, though.

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The cheapest profilux package that has net support is 700.00 the sale basic package does not offer any of that. additionally it has an a 8 plug controller vs 6 on the profi net basic. Also you pay another 400 for the sms unit, if your cell phone accepts emails, that is a free function of the apex, bringing the grand total to exactly half of an equally equipped profi unit. :)


the basic profi is down to 310 though on cherrycorals, so that is indeed a good deal if you dont need the above functionality

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krux, aren't there ways you can upload that info real time to your pc, and have it going to internet that you can retrieve at remote location?


view it yes, do anything with it, no... to be able to adjust light timers, ph levels, water temps, orp, wave timers etc. you need the net module. all i was saying is this is built into the apex without additional cost. if all you want to do is see your tank temp from work, everything back to an octopus has been able to do that with the right software.

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