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Before and after lighting upgrade


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I just thought I would share with you guys my recent upgrade to my tank...my lights. I had a JBJ Viper2 150w MH 20k as seen here


and I just upgraded to a Coralife Pro 250w MH 15k with 2x65w PC Actinic's seen here with only the MH running


I will post a few more pics of the light with the actinic's only on, MH and Actinic's and underside of light when out. I do have one question though. Is there such thing as having too much lighting in LED's for moonlights? I will have to post pic to show what I mean.

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the tank is a 36g with 30 in front for display. I took this pic without anything protecting the corals just to show how bright the difference is. I am protecting my corals when using the new light. I haven't been using in lately, back to my 150, because I cracked my 250w bulb. I am using a recommendation from Dsoz.

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