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Support your Local Fish Store(LFS)


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Please help support our PNWMAS sponsoring Local Fish Stores and other PNWMAS Sponsors.


When you shop at these stores, you are not only helping local businesses, but also PNWMAS. It is their sponsorship and generous donations that allow this forum you are using to be possible. Thank them by doing business with them!(rock2)


If you are a PNWMAS Member, show your membership card before the clerk rings up your purchases. They do not always ask all of their customers if they are PNWMAS Members. To receive your club discount, it is your responsibility to present your card! ;)


When corresponding with PNWMAS online sponsors, always be sure to mention that you are a member, or that you saw their Advertising Banner at PNWMAS.ORG. This is the only way they will know that their ad is getting any response! We will always mention the source of raffle and auction donations. PNWMAS always thanks them, but hearing a word of thanks from the hobbyists that end up with those items is always appreciated. A phone call or e-mailed thank you to whoever donated it, makes a big difference. :D


If you do buy from an online discount dealer, please ask that source for assisting you setting it up or repairing it. Please don't ask store owners that you are taking their livelihood away from to help you!(sad) They really don't want to hear about the great deal you got at the discount house.


On the other hand, LFS owners that have had the support of their customers, have been known to help them out in emergencies, when no one else could be contacted. (rock2)

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