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I am moving to Eugene from Madison and wanted to introduce myself. I have been in this hobby for about 3 yrs now and had a 180g system (90g DT+45g refuge+ 10g fragtank+25g sump) in Madison. I just took down the system in madison on Last thursday :( and will be relocation to Eugene on June 1st. I plan to start a system here in about 6 months or so. I am looking for people active in this hobby as I am planing to buy some LR and frags (I am moving all my hardware with me). Also, I would appreciate any info about LFS in the area as well. For those of you who are curious what my tank looked like, :) here are two pics of my tank:






Everything in this tank grew from 1 to 2 inch frags! that's why I hated to take it down :(





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Where are the pics???


Welcome to the site, and soon welcome to the area! We have several members in the Eugene area that are active in the hobby. Its always nice to find another person locally in this hobby.


LFS here are ok. Aqua Serene seems to have the most livestock, though their prices are usually way too high. Pet Time has been upgrading and occasionally have some nice pieces, when i say occasionally it must be when i'm not in there though. Liquid Sunshine is a nice store, mainly FW fish but does have a large tidalpool type tank. Mostly common corals there with decent prices. Unfortunately that about does it for LFS here. Portland has a bunch of top notch stores and its only a 2 hr drive.

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Thank you all.

I am excited now :) I did spend a while trying to look for clubs but I think I have found one now :)


coralreefaquarist: I totally agree with you about livestock from local members. My entire tank was set-up by buying frags from fellow reefer in Madison area. So, I'll look forward to checking out the tanks here and start-up my tank.


180Brandy: Sure! I'll do my best to post pictures but some time when I am working, things move fast and I forget to take pictures. But I'll promise you this: I'll TRY my best to post all the pics of the build.


Impur: Are you not able to see the pics here! here is the links to my google albums:





Thanks again and Enjoy!


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Welcome to your new home. This is a pretty active place with lots of locals helping each other. I am in Vancouver just north of Portland. I do think this is THE board for the area saltwater peoples.



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When you get here, plan a weekend trip to Portland, there are a number of us who would be glad to drive you around to check out all the local shops. Check our sponsor section, you can get an idea of the shops.. all of the owners and employees are great.

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YAY! Eugene found my replacement.


Welcome to Eugene. PNWMAS is a great club with great members and great sponsors. You will really enjoy it. As others have said the LFS here in Eugene are ok, but nothing special. Portland, AND (Coral Reef in Salem) are where it is at. Eugene has a great group of people and I am going to miss them dearly. I wish we had started getting to know each other earlier. The northern members are great and are always willing to meet you somewhere to trade frags and stuff.


I wish I was going to get to meet you, but I move to Utah this Thursday. Good luck, and I will be watching your build progress and help answer any questions or bouce ideas with you, since I plan to still be an active online member.

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