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I believe you need to get the plumbing kit that the hardware stores have for that. It should include the gas line, regulator and most importantly a new orifice. Anytime you switch from natural to propane or vice versa the orifice will need to be swapped. We have to do that at work all the time. Hardware store should have what you need.

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Ask the Expert Q: Paul…I am tired of running out of propane and lugging heavy BBQ tanks to be refilled. How hard is it to add a natural gas connection point to my patio?

A: A lot easier and cheaper than you might think. can provide a free estimate to install a natural gas connection point for you. We offer custom conversion packages, including converting your existing propane BBQ to natural gas. All of our installations come complete with a permit from the local municipality and an inspection from a city inspector. If you already have a natural gas connection point on the outside of your house or on your patio, our gas fitters can simply convert your existing BBQ’s burners to adapt to natural gas. You can even drop your BBQ off at our shop and we can convert it for you. All of our conversions come standard with a 10 flexible connector to allow you the freedom of locating your BBQ in a number of spots on your patio.

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If your going to buy a new BBQ just buy a natural gas one. The holes in the burners are larger for natural gas versus propane. Just remember that you can't use propane on the natural gas grill unless you switch out the burners.

If your going to stay at your place for awhile it is probably worth it. I myself have a natural gas grill and i use an adjustable regulator on it and run propane. Works very nice and only cost me $15 for the regulator,(got the grill for free)

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