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This makes my reef tank look like a goldfish bowl


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After watching his goldflake angel rip up some of the softies' date=' I was waiting for the pretty little booger to go eat his coco worms. What the heck kinda tangs were the funky colored ones? Beautiful set-up.[/quote']


(laugh)(laugh) I noticed that as well. Guess there is so much for him to chose from in that tank he doesn't do in any one piece... just keeps things pruned (scary)

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I love that tank! Too bad the owner tore it down...


Heres the tanks stats:


Tank Details

Owner: David Saxby

Location: London, England

Tank age: 3 years in current format


Tank Specifications

Tank Dimensions: 120'' x 78'' x 60'' x 39'' x 60'' x 39'' x48''deep (L shaped tank)

Refugium Dimensions: 48'' x 24'' x 24''

Tank Volume: 1,200 gallons

System Volume: 3,700 gallons


Equipment Details

Skimmer: AP1004, AP1006, TS1060

Lights - Halides: Giesemann D-D MEGA-D 2x400w (x6)

Lights - Tubes: D-D Razor Units 2x54w (x8)

Pumps: Deltec HLP 8070 External Pumps (x13)

Heaters: 300w Standard Glass Heaters (x8)

Chiller/Cooler: ECO Cooler (x2) Chiller (x1) Split Evaporative Cooler

Phosphate Reactor: Rowa-phos Reactor (x2)

Nitrate Reactor: NFP 1012(P) (x2)

Control System: IKS (x3)

RO Unit: Custom Built & Merlin Unit - 550gpd total


Water Parameters

Temperature: 24.7 - 25.0 degrees Celsius

pH: 8.1 - 8.4

Salinity: 1.025

Ammonia: 0

Nitrite: 0

Nitrate: 5

Phosphate: undetectable

Calcium: 410

dKH: 8.0

Magnesium: 1260



More info: http://www.ultimatereef.com/TOTM/2007_jan/

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Can you imagine the maintenance schedule this tank must have had. Not to mention the moneys just to keep it happy let alone buy more tang mutations. They were pretty baddass though. I would not enjoy that much maintenance. I get lazy with my tank sometimes and its a mere 120.



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