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Entire system for sale Central Oregon(Bend)

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850.00 obo..... Sunriver (Bend) Pics available of any all livestock/items listed. The whole "package"

2.5 year old system that is very healthy. Looking to downsize to a nano of some sort.

55 gallon mixed reef w/stand heater powerheads etc.

CPR 192 wet/dry with integrated skimmer(rated for up to 100 gallons). Bio-bale replaced with l/r

Mag 12 return pump with continuous siphon overflow


Custom refugium w/light, l/s, l/r, chaeto and loaded with life.

Up-graded odyssea mh lighting system.

2x250w mh hqi w/lumatek ballasts

2 months on 20k cheap bulbs.

2x250 hqi SPS Blue Life bulbs with 6 months life left

4x 65w power compact

Just replaced 2 pc ballasts w/a couple months on uvl actinic pc's and 2 extra brand new.

White sand substrate w/ alot of really nicely colored live rock.




Fish: 1 very healthy Leopard wrasse that accepts any/all prepared foods. Including greens on the veggie clip and coralline scrapings.


Maroon Clown: With a mellow disposition.



Hammer coral

Frogspawn coral

Bubble coral

Various zoanthids/palythoas/button polyps. There are a couple of fairly large colonies.

Various clove/glove polyps

Various mushroom corals


Yellow polyps

Pulsing xenia

A couple of different candy cane corals

Kenya tree

Birds nest (couple of colonies)

A small acro

Closed Brain (some favites that I rescued)



Inverts: Various hermits, nasarrius, turbo snails, coral banded shrimp......the cuc

This is a thriving tank and can easily be upgraded to a larger tank as the equipment is rated for a much larger tank. My system has kept 0 nitrates and phosphates and has always seen RO water. Feel free to browse my pics here...


Or, here....


Send me a PM... I'm interested in any/all inquiries. I'm looking to downsize and interested in a nano combo pack. So a trade offer will also be welcomed.

You can also reach me here.


Some random pics..









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