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High capacity GFO bulk order???

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I am thinking about doing a bulk order from Bulk Reef Supply for High Capacity GFO. Anyone interested in buying some for $30.00 per pound. Normal cost for the HC GFO from BRS is $38/lb plus shipping. Phosban, which is not High Capacity, normally runs at $42/lb plus shipping. You can obviously see the savings here so let me know how many pounds you want if you are interested. We can meet at the next meeting, we can ship it to you if you want to pay for shipping, or if you are in the portland area you can pick it up from my brother at the Montgomery Park building during the week on your lunch hour, or meet up somewhere nearby on the weekend.


I looking to place the order next sunday (10th) so let me know by then!

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If you can get 10 people to sign up, you can get reduced rates on everything at BRS. Lowman set up a group buy a few months ago and it went really well. it is really easy, because they let everyone order separately. I don't need any GFO, but I'd be happy to buy some other stuff from BRS if you get a group together.

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Never mind


* Granular GFO is generally what most people are familiar with. Granular GFO works well in reactors that slowly tumble the material.

* Pelletized GFO is slightly larger than the granular form and has a few slight advantages: the pellets are harder, have a more uniform shape/size, and lose less material to the water. They also contain slightly more phosphate-removing material compared to granular GFO. Pellets work well in reactors but can also be used in a simple filter bag.

* High Capacity Granular (HC GFO) is our premium GFO, and comes with several distinct advantages over the other GFOs. HC GFO is able to remove roughly twice as much phosphate as the other types. This means it will last longer and require less maintenance. The particles are extremely hard and even better than the Pelletized GFO at reducing the effects of water abrasion. HC GFO works very well in both a reactor and filter bag. If you are going to be using a filter bag with your GFO, this is the preferred product.

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So how about this idea, anyone interested in buying it for $22.00/lbs total???


I would be willing to buy the 5 gallon (40) pound bucket which is $819.99 plus $33 in shipping. When I add a pound bag of the HC which is $37.99 it tells me there is $8.25 in shipping so the differnce per pound between the bucket and the bag we would save $24 per pound!!!!


A three pound bag is $89.99 plus $8 in shipping comes out to $32.66/lb. In buying the bucket, it would be equivalent to getting one free pound for every three pound bag that you buy.


If i am going to spend this kind of money i would need to have 30lbs accounted for. I dont want to be stuck with a big bill and a decades worth of GFO to store.


There is some significant savings to be had if we can get enough people to go in on this.


And just as a note...the $42/lb was to buy 1 pound of Phosban from MarineDepot.

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