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  1. Thanks you all for warm welcome. @milesmiles902 I updated my location one the map. Planning to attend the NW Frag Fest, cant wait ☺️ .. @SuncrestReef sure πŸ‘. @lewisriverfisherman here are some recent cell phone pic of tank .
  2. Hello, I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Rajkumar, I have been in reefing hobby for close to five year now. I start out in the hobby attracted to beautiful saltwater fishes, but slow gravitated towards coral , which I cant get enough off πŸ˜” . I currently have a Redsea reefer 425 XL mixed reef tank. I have been a regular visitor to PNWMAS website for valuable information. Finally today I became a paying member. Regards Rajkumar
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