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  1. This is for a 8g barebottom SPS tank project 5039703009
  2. Teramelos

    Some SPS

    Photo 1: PC Rainbow Photo 2: Tricolor Acro Photo 3: - PC Rainbow - Red Planet - WWC Blueberry Wine - Utter Choas Zoa - Peter Pan Tenius - Peach Digi - Red Digi
  3. Anyone have any spare 36” T5 bulbs for reefs?
  4. I have a JBJ ATO with both float switches. Works perfectly I just went a different direction. Interested in trading. looking for LPS and SPS Orange,Blue or Pink in color. (No Montipora) SW PDX
  5. I have 2 heads I can pop off my mother colony if anyone wants some. $225
  6. My partner is starter her first reef this week. I’m just seeking advice and pro tips on keeping this type of set up. Below is an equipment list and tank break down. IM Lagoon 25 Build Equipment: IM Lagoon 25 IM leveling mat IM APS Stand Sicce 1.5 Return Pump 2x IM Spin Stream Return nozzle Maxspect xf130 Gyre Wavemaker JBJ ATO with 2g reservoir 200w heater Coralife Digital Thermometer AI Prime HD Led with mount Filtration: Chemipure Elite IM 200 micron Filter Socks **Should I add a fuge with cheato? Stock: 10lbs black live sand 20lbs of pre-cured live rock 2-3 fish 10 small snails 10 blue leg hermit crabs Softies LPS SPS (Birdsnest,Stylopora and Monti) Maintenance: -10% weekly water changes -Changing Chemipure every 4 months -Cleaning filter socks weekly during WC -Weekly water testing -Red Sea A-B Ammino Acid/Nutrient dosing -Instant Ocean Salt
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