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  1. Thanks for the heads up 🀘🏼 I was thinking the 90 degree arm mount
  2. Seeking hydra 26 tank mount or 3” EXT Rail
  3. Does anyone have a spare AI Director I can buy?
  4. My display light died so I need to purchase and new one ASAP. Open to used pendants (hydra,kessil) T5HO with mounts i have $350 budget
  5. My 75g 4x 54w T5HO crapped out with a tank full of corals looking for a 48” light that will support lps,softies and some basic SPS...
  6. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ
  7. Brown jelly is a condition some Euphilia can get and cause them to retract like in photo one. Seemed like a pretty legit question?
  8. What are you parameters? Any Brown jelly? You may have to frag some heads to save the colony from the first photo
  9. -Aquatop ECO 24 12k/Actinic strip light MP10ES Wavemaker -Nuvo Fusion 20 Fluval Sea Marine/Reef LED MP10ES Wavemaker -Aqueon 75 Aquatic Life Quad T5HO Gyre XF130 Gyre 3K Sicce Powerhead
  10. It’s the stock light that is included with the Aquatop 24 ECO AIO id like an ai prime to match the one I have on my water box so I can sync them
  11. I got an Aquatop 24g cube with the stock 12k/blue led and it is way to string for the tank and doesn’t include a dim feature.. seeking an Ai prime
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