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  1. 503reefland

    Fs: Inovative marin 8 gal complete tank

  2. 503reefland

    FS: kessil a160we (2) with goosenecks

  3. 503reefland

    FS: clearing out some misc lps/sps

    Bump sorry got super busy was out of town i updated contact number!
  4. Need to make some room in my tank so im starting off with what i have pics of. # 1- rainbow monti $30 2-green favia $25 3- duncan withabout 10-15ish heads $25 4- rock with green, orange, gold ricordias, 1 momma eclectus/jawbreaker w/ 6 babies, rasta zoas 20ish polyps, ect... the millie and chalice in picture are not included $200 5- rastas 2” frag plug overtaken with rastas $50 please text 503-457-1043 or pm with questions and i will be taking some better pictures tomorrow or saturday. I will be adding to this post also. Located in Se pdx
  5. 503reefland

    FS: big rbta

    Selling a rbta ive have had for going on 3 years now it just decided to start walking around on a killing spree so its time to get rid of it very healthy my 4 clowns kept it very fat. Its about 6-7” i beleive asking $40.00 i dont have many good pics i moved it to a spot in my sump for now so i only have these old pics of it. it does bubble up after it eats also btw. 971-344-8982
  6. Selling my pair of kessil a160’s with goosenecks they are great lights in great condition! Asking 275 for the pair obo will post pics tonight 503-4571043
  7. Selling my used ready to reef IM 8 tank comes with IM light, return pump, aftermarket media baskets heater and ill throw in some dry live rock if needed! 90obo 503-457-1043thanks located in southeast portland
  8. 503reefland

    Looking for a small nano (AIO) tank for friend

    Have a im 8 comes complete...
  9. 503reefland

    Buying and importing a car through an importer??

    It all comes down to having the dough! 🙃
  10. 503reefland

    Buying and importing a car through an importer??

    Y plate has scott phams old fd with a 1 jz twin charged for like 20k has everythig you describe watig to do just no 3 rotor which is a good thing...lol
  11. Taking notes.... monkey boy should knowyou need a certified 6500k light though.....
  12. 503reefland

    Recommendations for 180 gallon aquarium lighting

    I thought you were telling me White flashlights?
  13. 503reefland

    Hollywood Stunner growth

    Things are nasty and grew like weeds when i had a few
  14. Glad the spectrum police left and we can share a few pics of this awsome peice! Looks good btw rudy!