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  1. FS: a few corals bounce, Duncan, green cup coral

    Sorry pictures suck, I’ll see if I can get some better ones of the sour apple shortly. Also interested in trades for high end sps chalice and mushrooms. Thanks
  2. Not sure exactly what a fair price is on these so keep in mind they are OBO! Text anytime 971-291-5328 green bounce $120obo duncan 60+ heads $100obo green cup $40obo sour apple birds nest smaller peice $30obi bigger peice $65obo
  3. Color and growth

    Stable parameters, good flow, good light, food. I’m not sure what types of coral you are trying to color up but for acros the closest thing you can add is acro power to “color up”. There’s no magic additive by any means and sooo many variables it’s different with every system.
  4. Group buy time!!

    +1 Homewrecker Colony like @Optimusprime3605 said! 😬haha
  5. Group buy or growout contest?

    We could get < 1/4 nubs I’d be ok with that 👍😂
  6. WTB: reefer 250/350 or nice rimless tank setup

    I decided to not go as big I love the cad light tanks but prefer red sea from all the problems with seems leaking with the cad light tanks....
  7. WTB: reefer 250/350 or nice rimless tank setup

    Bump really looking for a reefer 250 text me what you have 971-291-5328
  8. Wtb/wtt: 30” sump

    Looking for a nice 30” sump as mine started leaking.lol Let me know what you have! Thanks text anytime 971-291-5328
  9. I have everything you are looking for pm if you Still are looking!
  10. Priced to sell - All in one Frag tank 17 gal

    Just sent you a text.
  11. Looking to buy a redsea reefer 250/350 or cad light or similar set up! Thanks text me what you have 971-291-5328
  12. Emperor Angel Free

    I’ll take him!
  13. SPS For Sale! cut to order

    Buy with confidence! Beer503 has Nothing but healthy eye popping sticks and great prices!👍👍👍👍
  14. Reef Worx

    The last fragfest we had blew reefworx out of the water. But still a good time for sure. Won the apex atk and got a few cool pieces!
  15. February POTM Winner - Shrimp

    Yay! Thank you!