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  1. FS: apex pm2 with temp probe and salinity probe

    Pictures added! And I also screen posted a screen shot log of it over a few days it’s deffinatly out of calibration and the temp compensation wasn’t set.
  2. Selling a lightly used apex pm2 module and temp/salinity probes. I nicked the river sheilding that protects the actual wires on salinity probe when I was clipping a zip tie taking it off my set up. It still works like normal also already shrinked the tiny exposed part. needs to be calibrated, welcome to verify on your system it’s working. Selling because i have no desire to monitor somthing that dosnt change and requires calibrating every 2 or so months which is how long everything has been used since new. I have no idea what would be a fair price so $170.00obo interested in any cool equipment, livestock. In se pdx feel free to text with any questions and offers thanks! 971-940-5444
  3. FS: nuvo16 set up

  4. Fs:golden nugget clown

    make me an offer! He needs a new home!
  5. Fs:Biocube 14

  6. Current marine reef led light 36”

  7. FS: nuvo16 set up

    Bump price is obo!
  8. October 14th Frag Fest Trades

    How much for #14, 15
  9. Current marine reef led light 36”

    Ok text me 971-940-5444
  10. Selling a current reef led light 4 months old nice light works flawlessly comes with everything including remote $70.00obo
  11. NWfragfest Raffle Items!!!

    I’m deffinatly gonna go for the s1!
  12. Fs:golden nugget clown

    Really healthy and hosting golden nugget clown that’s still pearly white but getting a nice gold tint. Asking $60.00 503-954-5437
  13. Fs:Biocube 14

    sold please close! Thanks
  14. FS: nuvo16 set up

    Selling a nuvo 16 comes with light media baskets cobalt mj1200 and a t5 coralife fixture. 125obo text 503-954-5437 thanks
  15. Rainbow Zoa