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  1. Anyone have his number? Or know how to reach him? Thanks
  2. I tried to message you but it’s not allowing my please text me at+15038943490
  3. Looking for a reefer 170 for a nice price!
  4. Hi guys! I’m selling fully loaded Red Sea 250 I’m not going to part it out. Im looking for a quick sale so im asking $2000 for everything. Invested well over that. Jake was the one who managed this account so sorry to all the people he didn’t meet. Radion gen 4, reeflink, 2 kessils, Apex system apex auto top off, Vectra, vertex, 2 gyres, High end corals (2 Walt Disney, mummy eye, pink boobie, rastas Phoenix monti, nice blastos, Oregon tort etc..) purple tang, vlamingi, phantom clowns shrimps, goby yellow eye tang. sea apple, madis blenny. here are some Pictures, please text me if questions. 503-954-5437 -Jennifer
  5. Looking for a nice deal on xr15 g4 pro’s and aquatic life 36” t5/led fixture thanks lmk whatcha got! 971-901-6469 thanks
  6. Bump open to offers and trades just collecting dust....
  7. I beleive I’ve gotten back to everyone sorry been extremely busy can’t catch my breath lately sorry for the delay! If I missed you please text me with what your interested in! Thanks!
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