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  1. Taking notes.... monkey boy should knowyou need a certified 6500k light though.....
  2. 503reefland

    Recommendations for 180 gallon aquarium lighting

    I thought you were telling me White flashlights?
  3. 503reefland

    Hollywood Stunner growth

    Things are nasty and grew like weeds when i had a few
  4. Glad the spectrum police left and we can share a few pics of this awsome peice! Looks good btw rudy!
  5. I love mine no photochop needed!👍🏻 Very hardy peice i almost lost it a few months ago cause i had moved it up a bit and didnt take well to more light. Bounced back in a week! (Shitty i phone pic) much more vibrant orange than the pic shows the green polys are crazy
  6. 503reefland

    Sad day

    I gave up on clams awhile ago. They are great until there not then theres no hope its a done deal. No frags no fun lol
  7. 503reefland

    FS: frags and more frags...👍🏻

    Ok...ok you got me im cheating....
  8. 503reefland

    Fragfest Oct 27th Raffle Prizes

    Xr15 pro? 🙃 maybe gyre , fancy frag packs... apex.... hannah checkers maybe a quantum 130 skimmer. Pretty much my christmas list!
  9. Support your local coral farmer! Lol
  10. Once again this wasnt posted to say the specific monti isnt badass. I actually have it and my point was why do some hack job over saturated edit on a picture of a peice that is beautiful under blues and whites. Personally i dont understand the “12k picture police” saying that corals are misrepresented shot under a blue dominant spectrum that is imo rediculous. Didnt intend this to turn into a r2r Walt disney type debate thead. 😏🤦🏻‍♂️ And i agree i wouldnt recomend keeping corals under a white flash light either.....
  11. Yes i agree i perfer blues over whites thats not what my point was its the excessive photo-chopping.... btw @Jorge i have never bought online
  12. Decided to take down my nuvo 8 and clean some frags out of my display. Heres a list i will be adding to it a few times im sure as i remember things i forgot i have. Lol also will be adding more pictures aswell so bare with me. You can pm on here but texting is deffinatly much more efficient text any time 971-344-8982 asd rainbow monti healed and encurusting plug-$130 Rainbow monti-$30 orange monti cap-$20 pc rainbow frags-$30 sunset millie-35 Rainbow eclectus-$70 Green w/red eclectus mushroom-$65 bright red/orange eclectus-$20 2 baby green ricordias-$10 1 duncan mini coloney -35 assorted zoas-$10-30 rastas 10 polyps-$25 Neon green candy canes-$15-25 to be continued..... thanks!
  13. I get that there are a million factors with that specific monti my main point is its nice enough theres no need to photo chop it.... lol