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  1. Blue led strip

    Can anyone recommend a good blue led strip light? I'm looking to add a little supplemental blue. Tank is 36" long. Thanks
  2. Wtb mushrooms

    I'd love to see some pictures. Although those names sound out of my price range.
  3. Wtb mushrooms

    Like it says. Looking for some cool mushrooms. Anything with some interesting color. Let me know what you have and what you want for them. Thanks!
  4. Opae ula vase

    Added some marimo moss balls today. Everything I've read says they do great in brackish water.
  5. Coral skeletons

  6. Coral skeletons

    I'm looking for some coral skeletons to decorate the opae ula vase. Does anyone have a cool, branching skeleton they don't want? I'm looking for something like a gorgonian or birdsnet.
  7. Opae ula vase

    Thanks! It's three rocks. They stacked pretty well together, so I just have then super glued together for now. I'm going to get a few marimo moss balls to throw in too.
  8. Opae ula vase

    Well, the tide pool has been put back into the garage, again... In the meantime, I'm going to set up a simple vase and keep some opae ula shrimp. The vase holds just over two gallons. It's cycling with sand from the beach and some rocks from my old tank. There won't be any filter, heat, or light on this. It'll get a little sunlight, but that's it.
  9. Free food grade barrel

    Nothing. I got rid of my bigger tank. Now I only have a 12g tank and it's easier to just buy the water.
  10. Free food grade barrel

    I have a 55 gallon food grade plastic barrel I used to use for a water reservoir. I don't need it anymore, so if somebody could use it, feel free to come pick it up. I'm in downtown Vancouver.
  11. Opae ula shrimp

    No worries. I get down there occasionally. Just let me know. I'll get my little tank cycling too.
  12. Opae ula shrimp

    Do you want to go in on an order together? Or just sell a few from your order? I'm only looking for 5 or so.
  13. Opae ula shrimp

    Are you willing to sell any?
  14. Opae ula shrimp

    Does anybody keep opae ula shrimp? I want to set up a little bowl with them and a mangrove?
  15. Getting scuba certified next month!

    Scuba is the coolest! We did a night time manta ray drive while we were in Hawaii. It is probably the most amazing thing I've ever done.