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  1. Well, I’m trying to build some custom plumbing for my tiny tank projects. I need something that will fit inside of 3/4” pvc. I want to be able to run a full siphon drain, and a backup drain, through one bulkhead. Flexible seems easier than cutting and piecing hard pvc back together.
  2. That’s good enough for me. Any suggestions for some 1/2” flexible tubing that can be glued to pvc fittings?
  3. Any particular reason? It’ll be for a drain line.
  4. Does anybody have any experience with this stuff? Any reason it wouldn’t be safe to use in a little reef tank?
  5. I’m thinking something along these lines, only 100% more simple. You’re giving my engineering abilities way too much credit.
  6. Here are my next two ideas. Let me know what everybody thinks. I’ll focus on whichever one people want to see more. The black one is 22”x 6” x 5”, and holds about 3 gallons. My plan is to have it sit in a cabinet so it’s flush with the top. I’m not sure on stocking plans, but easy stuff for sure. The second one is a 7” glass cube that holds just under 2 gallons. I think it would be cool with a single bubble tip anemone and porcelain crab. Both would be complete with sumps and ato.
  7. This thing was starting to fill in really nice. Maybe a little too nice, because someone decided they wanted to buy it from me. On to the next one.
  8. I’ll give you 40$. When can you deliver it?
  9. Someone buy my camera. It’s like new, we just never use it. it’s a cannon rebel t1i. Comes with case, and extra zoom lense. Asking 125$
  10. I couldn’t find a decent place in my house to keep this, so Jeff was nice enough to let me set it up at the shop. Stop by and take a look while you’re shopping for corals.
  11. She’s up and running. I still want to tinker with the drain a little and hopefully quiet it down. It’s not terribly noisy, but it sits right by my head when I’m sleeping.
  12. If I had room by my main tank, I would totally do that.
  13. I’m also lucky to have a place that I can let this thing grow in while I figure out the rest of the setup. The base is an old cutting board I cut to fit. I wanted something I could easily remove as one piece when the gsp needs a trim.
  14. Yep. I didn’t want to drill more than one hole. The drain is 3/4”, and I have 1/2” vinyl tube running up the inside of the drain.
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