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  1. Jack-the-reefer

    CNC Zoa growout contest prizes!!

    I think I saw those same “frag kits”on dexter.
  2. Jack-the-reefer

    Out with the tiny, in with the slightly less tiny

    Getting closer. As soon as I can get the drains to quiet down I’ll be in business.
  3. Jack-the-reefer

    2 nano cubes FS

    What are the dimensions? I’m interested in the empty one.
  4. Jack-the-reefer

    Tiny Tank, Tiny Budget Contest

    Nice! Im glad you two were paying attention. I’m still getting used to working on Saturday’s. I forget what day it is.
  5. Jack-the-reefer

    Photosynthetic gorgonian fs

    Works for me. Luckily I know where to find you.
  6. Jack-the-reefer

    Photosynthetic gorgonian fs

    Here’s a slightly less terrible picture of the main colony.
  7. Jack-the-reefer

    Photosynthetic gorgonian fs

    I trimmed up my gorgonian colony yesterday and ended up with a pretty good sized frag. 20$ and it’s all yours. I’m in downtown Vancouver The rock it’s on is 3-4” long.
  8. Jack-the-reefer

    WTB a small tank

  9. Jack-the-reefer

    WTB a small tank

    I don’t have anything to frag right now. How about 10$ ?
  10. Jack-the-reefer

    WTB a small tank

    That would be perfect. What do you want for it?
  11. Jack-the-reefer

    WTB a small tank

    Still looking for something better than a bucket.
  12. Jack-the-reefer

    Tiny Tank, Tiny Budget Contest

    Early updates are the best. That way I won’t forget about it at work tomorrow. That barnacle blenny in the gsp is the cutest.
  13. Jack-the-reefer

    WTB a small tank

    That is my plan so far.
  14. Jack-the-reefer

    WTB a small tank

    The 10g tank I was going to use for a sump on my new tank isn’t going to fit in the cabinet. Does anyone have an old small tank sitting around they’ll let go for cheap? Something around 5-6 gallons would be perfect. Ugly is fine, water tight is a definite plus. Please let me know.
  15. Jack-the-reefer

    Tiny Tank, Tiny Budget Contest

    Looks like only two people posted by the deadline. Flash and gil&fin are going to be fighting to the death.