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  1. Jack-the-reefer

    Happy Thanksgiving to My Reefing Family

    My turkey looked cold, so I made it a bacon blanket. Happy holidays everyone!
  2. Jack-the-reefer

    New buddy

    So far so good! Took his first meal of frozen food off the tweezers last week.
  3. Jack-the-reefer

    105g build

    That sucks! Can you get your money back and still keep it? We can fix it, then you get a free rock.
  4. Jack-the-reefer

    105g build

    I have some blue cloves and kenya tree when you're ready for the good stuff. Free of charge for you.
  5. Jack-the-reefer

    New buddy

    I told my wife we couldn't name this guy until he was eating eating frozen food from tweezers. Tonight, he ate non live food for the first time. Were going to call him grumbledore.
  6. Jack-the-reefer

    New buddy

  7. Jack-the-reefer

    New buddy

    Or maybe digiorno...
  8. Jack-the-reefer

    New buddy

    A piece of tilapia fillet the size of their eye is the best. It just takes a little effort to get them to take it.
  9. Jack-the-reefer

    New buddy

    Definitely will. I've been through this before. I'll probably post a tutorial on how to train them to eat frozen foods of it works again.
  10. Jack-the-reefer

    New buddy

    Picked this little guy up from the shop a few days ago. I couldn't help it. Now it's time to start training it to non live food.
  11. Jack-the-reefer

    WTB purple death palys

    Anybody have some purple death palys for sale? let me know.
  12. Jack-the-reefer

    CNC Zoa growout contest prizes!!

    I think I saw those same “frag kits”on dexter.
  13. Jack-the-reefer

    Out with the tiny, in with the slightly less tiny

    Getting closer. As soon as I can get the drains to quiet down I’ll be in business.
  14. Jack-the-reefer

    2 nano cubes FS

    What are the dimensions? I’m interested in the empty one.
  15. Jack-the-reefer

    Tiny Tank, Tiny Budget Contest

    Nice! Im glad you two were paying attention. I’m still getting used to working on Saturday’s. I forget what day it is.