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  1. I can bring some by tomorrow. I have a service account down the street from you.
  2. Does anyone have any left over fluke tabs? I just need enough to treat a 20 gallon system. On an unrelated note. A while ago, when I posted asking for blue clove polyps, there were a few people who warned me that it was a terrible idea. If you were one of those people, now is a good time to say "I told you so"!
  3. I wonder if I can call in sick, then come to the party.
  4. Progress! It's pretty much all zoas and a few mushrooms. Most of which took from my other tanks.
  5. I'm almost thinking it's a baby sea hare. It's cruising around the half gallon tank grazing. It's not showing any interest in the corals.
  6. Does anyone know what this is? It's about 3/4" long.
  7. I can stop by while I'm out servicing tanks. Thanks!
  8. Hey Bert. I'd love a 20$ frag of the Fiji yellow leather. I can pick it up at the meeting on Sunday.
  9. Not sure if many of you keep freshwater tanks, but I'm looking for some Java moss. Does anyone close to Vancouver have some they want to get rid of?
  10. Thanks guys. He definitely wasn't underfed. These fish will actually keep eating, whether they need it or not, if food is available. If they overeat too much, the food decomposes in their stomach faster than they can digest it. This results in a gas bubble that often kills them. I knew the shrimp was a gonner eventually, just thought he would wait a while. They don't deal with stress all that well. The are actually surprisingly delicate little fish considering they look like the kraken.
  11. I found grumbledore dead today. The little dummy tried to eat a fire shrimp that was bigger than him a few days ago. He threw the shrimp up yesterday, but I think it was too much stress for him. Bummer.
  12. It's all up and running! Now I just need to figure out what to use for a light. I was thinking a 6 bulb ATI power module, I'm afraid that's going to be overkill though.
  13. Getting closer! Just a little sanding and paint to get the stand finished.
  14. Thanks! The tidepool is going to get resurrected one of these days.
  15. I got the stand started yesterday. I still need to get some trim on it and clean it up before painting, but I'm getting there. It's in two pieces so I can just pull the front section off to get to the sump.
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