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  1. Brightwell must be doing a tour, they will be conducting an event in Tukwila, WA on Nov. 30th.
  2. rollermonkey

    1200g double drop off (sweet build thread)

    He went from a 30 liter tank to a 1200 gallon tank in one step? Although 11 months into the build, he is still tinkering with setup, who knows how long it will be before any fish or coral are added.
  3. rollermonkey

    Barrier Reef's 6th Anniversary Sale

    This sale will coincide very nicely with my needs for a new bucket'o'salt and the timing of starting my next QT period. Please make sure you have plenty of the SA Clowns!
  4. rollermonkey

    Rollermonkey's 29 gallon box of wet

    Maxi-mini carpet anemone(s) are in the tank, along with a mushroom frag and a birdsnest frag.
  5. rollermonkey

    Suction Cup Handles?

    Did you check Home Depot / Lowe's / mcLendon's / Menards?
  6. rollermonkey

    flatworm eating nudi

    I'm not 100% sure what I've got. Way too tiny for my camera, so maybe next Friday when OBD stops buy, they'll make an appearance, and I can get an ID.
  7. rollermonkey

    Rollermonkey's 29 gallon box of wet

    I seem to have made a purchase from Reef Gardener... (cheer)
  8. rollermonkey

    Rollermonkey's 29 gallon box of wet

    I was specifically after smaller frags so that I can more easily see growth or problems. One of my goals for this tank isn't massive diversity, but the opportunity for what I put in there to grow out. This gives me 4 zoa morphs, so unless something drastic changes, I'm done with zoas.
  9. rollermonkey

    Moving need help willing to pay

    The website for Barrier Reef says that they do moves. I didn't get the exact same impression when I was talking to the in-store people, though. You should call the maintenance-specific number, though.
  10. rollermonkey

    Rollermonkey's 29 gallon box of wet

    So, tonight, in a dark back alley, I found a coral dealer to hook me up with a fix. Bought three zoa frags. That should keep the monkey at bay for a bit. Pics when they open up. Some Purple People Eaters, Radioactive Dragon Eyes and a third morph I don't recognize. Might be chocolate mint based on a quick look through coralpedia. (Sea King Aquariums in Renton, WA if your wondering who this shady character was.)
  11. rollermonkey

    Giant clams as biofilters

    Pics or it didn't happen. Just kidding, I just want to see a picture of it!
  12. rollermonkey

    Brittle Star, not so micro...

    What do you recommend? I have: Rod's Food original, Frozen cyclopeeze and mysis, Hikari marine S pellets, Instant Ocean brine in gel, and ReefCleaners.org's filter food on hand.
  13. rollermonkey

    Refugium flow

    I've got the 4-LED JBJ magnetic light hanging on the back glass of my fuge and a typically half-clogged MJ-1200 pulling flow through. So far, this seems like the perfect combination for the green slime algae to flourish and the chaeto to melt away.
  14. rollermonkey

    Sand Bed Depth

    Since a pistol shrimp/shrimp goby was always part of my plan, I tried for 3" of sand. With the MP10 at 50%, my actual depths vary from 1" to 4.5". The sand also hides the "feet" I glued on my live rock for stability.
  15. rollermonkey

    Power Outage: What would you have done?

    I have a couple of battery powered air pumps with tubing and airstones. So far, that's my only back up equipment.