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  1. Dtech07

    Who do i speak to?

    Any idea yet? M.I.A Don't worry they'll find me!
  2. Dtech07

    Who do i speak to?

    I'll bump this M.I.A Don't worry they'll find me!
  3. Dtech07

    Who do i speak to?

    Where is the link for membership? M.I.A Don't worry they'll find me!
  4. Dtech07

    Who do i speak to?

    What's Kevin online name please M.I.A Don't worry they'll find me!
  5. Dtech07

    Who do i speak to?

    Who do i speak to get my Post counts and Rep count returned? Also where is the link to update membership?
  6. Dtech07

    I have to say good bye

    I kept It vague to show respect to you and the remaining board members. I did want the help but Micah had been offered the position of Admin prior to accepting the position of VP which the board when I ask for him to be a Admin said "he couldn't be both do to conflict of interest with". So when our current issue arouse that was my stand. I'm not a petty person nor have I ever stirred the pot on this forum. But you nor other board members handle this in the proper way it seems that feeling are I was playing owner of the site but in truth I was upholding what the board decision was in the begging and looking for another skilled IT member who could assist us. You have alway shown a peaceful nature Pledosophy and what few conversation we've had have been short but ok. But my primary interest since I've joined this forum has been the forum and the members never myself. So when decision are being made yet not all board members are aware of them then were not a board of volunteers any longer with the best interest of the members who communicate to ensure unity of the board it's just a select few making decision for rest because it's easier to do. My departure I'm sure was expected because you had to know that the choices you were making were going to effect some of us to this level if not perhaps if we had talked more during this time you might heard what I was really saying. Plus the constant side comments from Micah via FB or texting seemed that my role as Admin or anything was over with. Again I have enjoyed the forum there are some of the most OUTSTANDING members I've ever know here. Enjoy your hobby and "Keep Reefin" Oh Saltwater Newbie those Sps Sticks are here when your ready my friend. M.I.A Don't worry they'll find me!
  7. Dtech07

    I have to say good bye

    I have to say good bye I'm not dead haha just stepping away from the sites responsibilities. The tank is great, family fine, health is where I want it and I'll still be posting and seeing one month on my trip down. I'm just one of the as it was said in the Army "acceptable losses" that the board was willing to loose for some of their goals (the board members were aware of it). So I'm letting have it. I have paid membership that I'll still be using till it expires. So I'll see here as always. M.I.A Don't worry they'll find me!
  8. Dtech07

    I have to say good bye

    All Admin actions will now be done by Micah. So please contact him or Kevin (president) for assistant. M.I.A Don't worry they'll find me!
  9. Dtech07

    I have to say good bye

    It seems that due to recent changes that I will be stepping away from the position of Vender Relations and as Admin for the Pnwmas forum. I have met several fine respectable reefers who truly love the hobby and has a great since of friendship. Many have helped me in times of need and have given without question both time and material to help me in this hobby so I must say THANK YOU. This hobby is the best and I hope the best to each member as you find your tanks special needs. It has been a true joy but in the light of several decision made by the board I can't in good conscious continue to be a part of something that was done so viciously and with malicious intent to good people, and well planned and still sit and smile with ones who say their my friend and has Pnwmas best interest. I'm not during nor will I stop posting since I'm a paid member like most and I will without a doubt continue to show the true spirit of the hobby to my best ability to those who appreciate those qualities. Take care and see you soon. Darryl/Dtech07. I'll repost just incase it gets deleted I'm not a malicious or vindictive in that way to hurt those that I like. D07 M.I.A Don't worry they'll find me!
  10. Dtech07

    Tank Build Thread

    M.I.A Don't worry they'll find me!
  11. Dtech07

    Tank Build Thread

    If you had a Tank Build Thread that you had up in the last two years please do another one. Let's see what GREAT tanks you have. M.I.A Don't worry they'll find me!
  12. Dtech07

    September POTM (2014)

    September POTM (2014) M.I.A Don't worry they'll find me!
  13. im trying I'm trying(rock2). They don't know what their missing.
  14. Dtech07


    THANK YOU Derbird I see it I see it(clap). I appreciate the needed help. I have to go I have some much needed feed back to take care of(naughty).
  15. Dtech07

    SPS Growth

    Amino, Vit C, seems to work well.