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  1. J-Dog

    Rose bubble tip anemone

    Would anyone be interested in taking it for $25?
  2. J-Dog

    Rose bubble tip anemone

    Hey Crabby, go start your own thread if u need to vent your problems. I’m trying to sell an anemone, not listen to u whine about yours....thanks.
  3. J-Dog

    Looking for classic SPS

    Thanks for the info!
  4. I have a large rose bubble tip anemone that I am looking to sell. It's attached to a medium sized rock, but I could remove it if the rock isn't wanted. Looking for $50 OBO If interested, send me a PM and I can send pics upon request.
  5. J-Dog

    Looking for classic SPS

    Still looking.....no locals growing SPS anymore?
  6. J-Dog

    Looking for classic SPS

    Those sound great! Can u PM me some pictures?
  7. J-Dog

    Looking for classic SPS

    Frags or mini colonies work......got something interesting?
  8. Like the title says, I’m looking for older pieces that some would consider “classics”.....a few specifics would be Pearlberry, Ice Fire echinata, etc.... Don’t get me wrong, I love any SPS, so if u have something u are looking to sell or trade, please shoot me a PM. I’m looking to start up my collection again!
  9. J-Dog

    Happy Birthday Jorge!

    Happy Birthday, brotha! Sorry I’m late, but better late than never. Hopefully I’ll cya in a few days
  10. J-Dog

    BRS reef saver rock.

    How much do u want for them?
  11. Just like the title says, I've got a Hannah PO4 checker that I don't use anymore, so I would like to sell it for $20. Comes with everything originally bought, plus a few expired regents (If u want them). PM for fastest response, thanks!
  12. J-Dog

    WTB Vortech MP-10w power supply

    Evening bump
  13. J-Dog

    PUMPS for sale

    Pumps are SOLD....please close thread, thanks!
  14. J-Dog

    WTB ph probe

    Found one! Thread closed
  15. Hello everyone.....I recently repaired my MP10, but my power supply is busted and I am in need of a replacement. If anyone has one lying around that they aren't using, please let me know. Thanks!