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  1. WTB Dry Rock

    I sent u a PM Mark
  2. WTB Dry Rock

    Thanks for the info, I’ll check them out
  3. WTB Dry Rock

    Any local stores that sell dry rock? If not, I'll just order online I guess
  4. WTB Dry Rock

    Trying to find out if anyone local has extra dry rock to sell. I am looking for a mixture of small/medium base and some shelf pieces. Please let me know, thanks.
  5. WTT Apex WMX

    Thanks for meeting up
  6. WTB sump

    PM me for faster response
  7. WTB sump

    Looking for a sump around 40 x 20 (can't be any wider than 20 inches, but longer than 40 inches could work). Let me know if u got anything that might work, thanks.
  8. WTB external pump

    Bumping this up....
  9. WTB external pump

    I am looking for an external pump for a saltwater mixing station. Let me know what ya got.
  10. WTB frag tank

    Are any of these glass tanks plumbed or have overflows?
  11. WTB frag tank

    Hi all, trying to see if anyone has a frag tank they are interested in selling. Preferably 4' x 2', but different sizes might work too. PM me and let me know what u got, thanks!
  12. WTB Chiller

    Hey all, I am looking to buy a chiller. Either 1, 1/2, or 1/3 HP in good working condition. Please let me know if u or anyone u know is looking to sell one. I also have a Pacific Coast Imports CL-650 (1/4 HP) chiller I could trade, if needed. Just need something bigger for my new setup. THANKS!
  13. The 180

    I am hoping to get back in, but if I do, it probably won't happen until summer. Keep your fingers crossed!
  14. The 180

    Jorge, is your tank glass or acrylic?