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  1. Still available....make an offer if interested
  2. Trades would be an option as well
  3. Had this laying around, so I thought I'd post it. Still works great, just don't have a use for it anymore. Asking $50 OBO
  4. I can make a deal on a larger piece I have. 1 mother with 3 babies could be let go for $200. Let me know if u are interested, thanks!
  5. I have more frags available now, if anyone is interested. How about I drop the price to $100?.....or I could be open to trades, just shoot me a PM.
  6. I still have one of these available, if anyone is interested. Shoot me a PM
  7. Happy and healthy! Starting to see the “Superman” blue on the encrusting growth. Excited to see how this piece turns out
  8. It seems that my chiller is working fine. I guess it’s just too small for my system on these really hot days. I don’t know if servicing would help it’s performance or if I just need to upgrade.
  9. My chiller doesn't seem to be working right now. It kicks on, but the water temp doesn't get any lower. I guess if it can't be serviced, then I am in big trouble
  10. I want to get my chiller serviced so it's running properly for the hot summer days. Does anyone know a place that services aquarium chillers?
  11. Here is my piece. Getting some color with ok polyp extension and some encrusting
  12. Sent you 2 PMs

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