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  1. Bump.....no one looking for cheap T5 bulbs? I'd be willing to do a package deal too
  2. I have 2 single head frags of gold torch with neon tips. I had a few people inquire about this piece, so I’ve decided to release a limited number. Frags will be $100 each ......PM for fastest response.
  3. I agree with Brad.....holding someone else’s corals is risky business. Both sides are taking risks that should probably be avoided. Not only do people have pests that can transfer either direction, but what happens if the pieces being held end up dying? Who’s responsible? I might do it for a close friend that I know is pest free, but for a random person posting on the forum? Just my opinion.....share the love!
  4. I still have one of these available. I'm not sure why this thread isn't bumping up to the top
  5. Went a different direction with my T5 color combination, so I have a few bulbs to sell. I guess my loss is your gain! Bulbs are all brand new 54w (48").....selling for $15 each. PM for fastest response. Here is a list.... 4 - ATI Purple Plus 1 - ATI True Actinic 1 - Giesemann Aquablue Azure
  6. Here’s my entry....sorry about the crappy pic. Nothing special with my setup, just a custom made 60 x 30 display with an old ATI fixture for light. Just fired up the calcium reactor, so hopefully I don’t kill this frag before the competition even starts.
  7. Not sure why this didn’t bump up
  8. Thanks for stopping by today. I hope u enjoy it as much as I do. It’s a stunning piece!
  9. Forgot about this thread......still have 1 frag left. PM if interested since I'd like to move it as soon as possible. Thanks!
  10. Still have a 2 head frag left.......also, the 4 headed frag sale fell through, so it’s also available. PM if interested
  11. Looks like I have one 2 headed frag left. Who wants it?
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