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  1. Still have frags available to cut! Let me know if u are interested. I also have 1 nice multi branch piece of Rainbows in Spain left as well....
  2. Does anyone here make custom frag racks? Or if u know of anyone that makes them, please let me know. I’m in need of a few frag racks, approximately 10x15”, and about 2.5” tall. Or if u have any laying around that u want to sell, please let me know. PM is best.
  3. My pictures suck, so i try not to use them. But I can promise my piece looks identical to the picture. Are u interested in a frag?
  4. I’ll be trimming my Rainbow Delight colony into some nice sized frags this weekend. If you are interested, send me a PM. Frags will be $40
  5. Hey people, 1 frag left.....let me know if u want it! Wont be selling these again until my colony grows back.
  6. I’ve got 2 frags left....I’ll shoot u a PM
  7. I’m home Monday.....I’ll shoot u a PM
  8. I’m out of town until Sunday, so maybe we can meet up next week....but I’ll mark u down for the $20 frag. Still have 2 frags left!
  9. Still got 2 frags available and a smaller frag I can sell for $20. Let me know, thanks
  10. I won’t be at the meeting, sorry
  11. My frag tank is under LED’s Mini colony and 1 frag sold.....only 2 frags left. Let me know if u are interested!
  12. I have a few frags of Rainbows is Spain available. Selling frags for $40.....or I have a couple mini colonies if u want something bigger. PM me if interested. I can send pictures of the frags if needed
  13. Would anyone be interested in taking it for $25?
  14. Hey Crabby, go start your own thread if u need to vent your problems. I’m trying to sell an anemone, not listen to u whine about yours....thanks.
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