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  1. bimmerzs

    Urgent Request for Coral sitter

    Are you still available to help??
  2. bimmerzs

    Urgent Request for Coral sitter

    Hi, Thanks for offering to help, looks like softy and Bret may be able to help out, if something changes I will reach out again.
  3. bimmerzs

    Urgent Request for Coral sitter

    Hey softy, Did you get a chance to ping Bret? My cell is 972-876-8726
  4. bimmerzs

    Urgent Request for Coral sitter

    Hi Softy, That would be most excellent, if something doesn't make it, it doesn't make it. When would be a good time to bring everything over???
  5. bimmerzs

    Urgent Request for Coral sitter

    I screwed the pooch typing that up, didn't intend to say someone would be responsible if something died while they were helping me. I agree, that would be odd. I moved from Texas to Oregon and now relocating to San Diego.....seems like I remember your username from either Austin or Houston forums but could have been someone with similar username.
  6. bimmerzs

    Urgent Request for Coral sitter

    Sorry, thats not what I meant to say, I should have proof read that after editing it.
  7. bimmerzs

    Urgent Request for Coral sitter

    Holy crap.....that is not what I meant to write at all. I could have sworn I typed "I would not hold anyone responsible if a coral or two dies", should have proofed that before posting.....my apologies for any confusion, nobody to blame if something doesn't make it..... it happens.
  8. bimmerzs

    Urgent Request for Coral sitter

    hahahahaha....thats too easy!
  9. bimmerzs

    Urgent Request for Coral sitter

    text sent
  10. bimmerzs

    Urgent Request for Coral sitter

    Hey softy, Well it's been 2yrs and the rain still feels like.....rain. Thanks for the encouragement.....any room in ya'll tank for a few coral's??
  11. Hi everybody, I've decided to relocate to San Diego which is awesome however I am now in a pickle. I previously contacted a LFS to explore the possibility of paying them house my corals for a few weeks and to then ship them to me however that option is not possible at this time. This leaves me without a place to keep my corals so I am looking for someone that could help me out with this situation. I have a 25G Innovative Marine Lagoon tank so the area of just the corals is quite small and is mostly micromussa's, zoos, fungi plate, a few torch and frogspawn frag so maybe a 11'x11' area if that. If anyone is able to assist it would be most appreciated and I could either pay you a fee or you can have the 25G lagoon tank in exchange, whichever you prefer. You would expect the person that can help to shoulder any responsible in the event that a coral or two dies. Cheers,
  12. bimmerzs

    200 gallon Envision New tank

    Looking good so far....looking forward to your coral selections. Jeff has some nice pieces in his store for sure! Cheers,
  13. bimmerzs

    40 Mini Fusion Bonsai Style

    Hi, Any updates on adding the remote sump? Cheers,
  14. bimmerzs

    My IM 25G Lagoon Reef

    Hi, Looks nice, I love the dim's of this tank and your stand came out awesome. Cheers,