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  1. Incomplete 400g Reef

    Looking good Calvin! Your tank has made a come back from the last time I seen it.
  2. Tank and Equipment sale

    Pump sold as well.
  3. Tank and Equipment sale

    chiller sold. Thanks.
  4. Tips on Solana setup please

    I think Tunze also makes some small skimmers that are popular with the solana. Check that out. Also, it was either reef central or nano reefs forum that had huge solana thread going. I used to go there a lot for info.
  5. Tips on Solana setup please

    When I had a solana I ran a sapphire aquatics skimmer. That thing ROCKED for it size and was very quiet. I'll second the advice to ditch the ATO bottles and run a proper switch with a remote ATO reservoir. I use the same switch as Grassi with no problems at all.
  6. Tank and Equipment sale

    Not the same tank I brought through the window. I had this one build to fit through the door just barely. Chiller still available!!!!
  7. Tank and Equipment sale

    Not the same tank I brought through the window. I had this one build to fit through the door just barely. Chiller still available!!!!
  8. Tank and Equipment sale

    Tank, skimmer and sump sold. Still have the chiller, pump, and Icecap ballast. I'll likely be adding a few small things in the next few days as I clean out.
  9. Tank and Equipment sale

    I have too many other hobbies that I enjoy way more. Every time I have to spend money on the tank I think it could be going towards other passions. I might set up a cold water pico tank though, we'll see.
  10. Tank and Equipment sale

    SOLD!!!! 60x30x24 Envision acrylic tank. 1/2'' acrylic, external overflow drilled for three 1 1/2'' bulkheads, black back, Three 3/4'' returns drilled in the back, Excellent shape $ 800 obo The stand is too large to get out of the basement doors but it could be taken apart carefully and re assembled if you are interested in it. Stand will be free with the tank if interested. Pics are from when I brought it home, but it looks just the same. I can get current pics later in the week if needed. SOLD!!!!Super Reef Octopus xp3000 with Bubble Blaster pump $250 Link to the specs http://www.reefspecialty.com/index.php?category_id=104&page=shop.product_details&product_id=448&Itemid=1&option=com_virtuemart&vmcchk=1&Itemid=1 SOLD!!!! Sump with two filter sock holders, removable skimmer platform (built to raise the SRO skimmer to the optimum water hight). Dimensions are 48x20x16 $150 Pacific Coast Imports SL-500A 1/2HP chiller. Was recently serviced by Pacific coast imports and had new temp probe and computer controls installed. Summer is coming, you know you'll need a chiller. $200 Dart external pump with AO smith motor. Has newer seals installed. $75 Icecap 660 ballast $40 comes with VHO endcaps and two 60'' actinic lamps but could be used for T5's as well.
  11. J-Dog's NEW 60x30x24 BUILD

    stock it up. As long as you don't fill the tank in a weeks time you will be fine. Just keep an eye on things.
  12. J-Dog's NEW 60x30x24 BUILD

    I'm glad we live close, so I can come awe over your tank when its set up.
  13. a plywood reef tank?

    I did some research on plywood tanks and by the time its all said and done, it cost about the same as an acrylic tank.
  14. Solana advice needed

    I had a solana stocked FULL of sps. I only kept a few fish and did a weekly 5g water change. I had plenty of flow with an mp10 and I had a sapphire aquatics solana skimmer that was a beast for it's size. I ditched the stock ATO and put a float switch in the last chamber and had a 10g container underneath that I used for top off water.
  15. Thanks for doing this! I'm sure it will help out a lot of us.