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  1. Ocean In a Box

    Need help with new tank move this Sat

    sent you a message.
  2. Ocean In a Box

    Chalice Group Buy

    Didn't get enough on the 2nd chalice. but there are some frags available for individual purchase.
  3. Ocean In a Box

    New tank possibly???

    not sure on the dimensions and glass thickness, but i would read up on it in case it can't handle the pressure of water filled to the top being it was designed as a terrarium. Looks almost like a marineland?
  4. Ocean In a Box

    Low maintenance aquarium

    Filtersocks should be changed regularly or they are not effective. when the trapped particulates stay in the water inside the filtersock they continue to breakdown and eventually go back into your water column. We change filtersocks every 2-4 days. its easy and cheap maintenance.
  5. Ocean In a Box

    this may be a stupid question

    home depot and lowes carries window tint products as well.
  6. Ocean In a Box

    Feeding the fish ?

    your chromis will be fine with the normal feeding schedule you have on the other fish. i would bump up a feeding or two in between days though. your golden sleeper will most likley starve if it doesn't get enough nutrition from the sandbed.
  7. Ocean In a Box

    Bartlet's Anthias: Plural or singular?

    typically they need to be in a school to feel comfortable, but putting them in such a small tank will probably not be the same effect. I've experienced them hiding and starving when by themselves in larger tanks. we have 6-7 in the shop right now and they all school and get along real well.
  8. Ocean In a Box

    5 fish dead in 24 hours ??????

    i will venture you have marine velvet. it is fast and often times not even noticeable on the fish. I would put a UV sterilizer in your sump for a few weeks and don't add any more fish for awhile.
  9. Ocean In a Box

    Paradise Zoas

    smells like soprano to me :P
  10. Ocean In a Box

    GFO or Phosban?

    I researched seachem products before i used them. this is off their website. In recent years, there has been speculation that aluminum oxide based phosphate removers like PhosGuard™ release aluminum into the water and subsequently damage corals. The evidence to support this claim was largely anecdotal. So, through a series of controlled experiments in both freshwater and saltwater, we intended to address both the question of aluminum solubility and aluminum toxicity. The results of these experiments show that under reef conditions (pH near 8) there is no detectable soluble aluminum released from alumina. Under conditions of low pH and high dosage levels, soluble aluminum can be released from alumina; at three times the label dosage rate, we detected 0.2 mg/L aluminum at a pH of 5.3. Additionally, aluminum oxide is not easily absorbed into the cell to cause negative reactions. Even at three times the dose of PhosGuard™, soft-bodied corals such as Sarcophyton remain unaffected.
  11. Ocean In a Box

    egg crate.

    LOL, i would say free is a heck of a good deal. i could leave some outside the door.
  12. Ocean In a Box

    GFO or Phosban?

    i like phosguard because it doesn't get stuck in the reactor. it stays loose and tumbles. you should run it before your carbon though so the carbon can catch any particles it may give off as it tumbles.
  13. Ocean In a Box

    egg crate.

    we have some freebies here at the shop.
  14. Ocean In a Box

    Valentines Day coral?

    i think i have an acan frag shaped like a heart....
  15. Ocean In a Box

    Five Guys or In-n-Out

    Tried both and still prefer the In and Out burger