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  1. Welcome back to the hobby!
  2. Krux

    DJ power strip

    I don't use them any more, but I ran American DJ brand strips for years with no issues. This was a decade ago, so I guess I can't attest to current build quality... actually this may be the most useless product suggestion ever...
  3. Krux

    Chiller Sizing?

    @IntoTheMystic thanks again for the tip, the 1/2hp unit from ebay arrived today, is in good condition, and dropped my largest stock put full of 105 degree water to 79 in about 3 minutes during testing. Definitely louder than my old 1/4hp unit, but this will usually kick on mid day when we are at work anyway, and it will live down in the basement. Adventure time ahead, just missing the Trident to be able to fully automate from St. Lucia!
  4. Krux

    Chiller Sizing?

    Tried the fans last year and still had to throw frozen water bottles in the sump. It helped, but I still got over 81 (my upper limit). Not worth nuking the tank while I am away for two weeks to save the cost of a couple frags... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Krux

    Chiller Sizing?

    Found a screaming deal on a used 1/2hp cyclone. Assuming it show us working I think that should take care of this, as well as the next two upgrades. Thanks for the suggestion, I had forgotten about the old cyclones... super easy to put on and take back offline.
  6. Sweet to see the progress. I had one in my cart today but it sold before I could complete checkout. Need some awesome LFS locally to get one in stock and give me a chance to give them my money!
  7. lets see if all of my "notify when in stock" emails all come in at once
  8. Tapatalk did not help lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. yeah it is usually pretty zippy, that is what is making me think i have something set up weird on this laptop
  10. ok, internet science question... how can (using chrome) the new thread not show up until 4 minutes after with 15 people already having posted if I am constantly refreshing? Is this some sort of cache setting?
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