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  1. Krux

    Green Lump

    Looking for a local ID. Picked up Green Lump from Jeff about a year ago to test water parameters on the new tank, it was not shockingly, green, but was flashing some purple. Added a recent photo hoping someone recognizes it as something they brought in to him. When is our next berghia group buy? TIA.
  2. Johns marketplace in Multnomah Village does exchanges if you call ahead. Just tell them it is for kegs!
  3. Can I help offset the meat costs by supplying a case of burgers?
  4. Hope to have the day off to stop by, been wanting to check out your system. Thanks in advance for hosting.
  5. all the cool people live in tigard
  6. Sorry all, back from vacation. I can get it cleaned up and take some photos this weekend if anyone is still interested. It has been sitting empty for 7 months.
  7. Was holding on to this for a friend, but he hasn't snapped it up yet. Any interest in a great condition 170 with white cabinetry for $600? I would ideally prefer to move this by Tuesday.
  8. I am glad you got to witness the sarcastic fringehead in all its hellbent glory! One of the lab guys that I dove for had a tattoo of one... commitment. Also, forgot about the sardine tank, that thing is awesome, and the mola mola is one of my fav pelagics, only been in the water with one once and it was surreal.
  9. Sounds like a couple of great additions to the team, looking forward to meeting them!
  10. Sounds great, I have had no problem with my atk, but I am working on having a backup of everything, may switch out to the new unit when it comes out and clean up my current one for storage. I have lost one sensor in the last 18 months, but they are easy to swap out, I keep a spare now.
  11. I haven't been there for many years, but if they still have a sarcastic fringehead display be sure to check it out... gram for gram it is the most vicious animal in the sea, by far the greatest fish ever. You may need to ask for help finding them, they are mud brown and the size of a hotdog. When they first installed the million gallon tank I would sit for hours watching the bluefin tuna swim around... that is worth your time, especially if you haven't hung off of a line with 2000 feet of water below you. I was able to see two of the whites back when they tried to keep those on display, but those days are gone. Do report back, maybe it is time I take the wife down to visit.
  12. I had a membership for a few years when I was a research diver, I really miss that place, fantastic that you are going!
  13. Welcome back to the hobby!
  14. Krux

    DJ power strip

    I don't use them any more, but I ran American DJ brand strips for years with no issues. This was a decade ago, so I guess I can't attest to current build quality... actually this may be the most useless product suggestion ever...
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