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  1. Adding RG Blueberry Fantasy and Tony's Cookie Monster
  2. I do not always join in the birthday wishes, but when i do it is for a fellow Ryan. Hope you have a bangin' day! R-1
  3. All of the mods I have seen on reefers require removing the filter sock holder via razor blade, it looks like it wouldn't be too difficult. One would be permanently modifying the sump though, so not real going back without trying to re-silicone the sock holder back in. There is a filter mat that fits into sock holes, but I suspect they are a little undersized for your tank (or mine for that matter). Here is a post for the mod on a 350 using the newer v3 sump. This is the route I am considering taking. https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/hulleys-rsr-350-v3-w-clarisea-filter-roller.448554/ Sock replacement is really the only remaining issue I see keeping us from going on vacation out of country for three weeks. Giving someone my Apex login to monitor temp, ph, and salinity with a check in every 4 or 5 days should handle anything other than an equipment failure. @What_The_Frag I may see if you would be kind enough to allow me to drop by and see yours in action before I pull the trigger?
  4. I would also love to hear a light explanation of video workflow from What The Frag, followed the channel and watched them all this morning, would enjoy knowing the basics on how to share quality video.
  5. Grabbed one of those phone filters, it still takes some lightroom to get the color correction I think, but I can see how it helps capture the glow of colors, a little too bright for what I am used to seeing, but a few notches down on the saturation helps. Also it made orange things too orange, maybe the yellow filter is the key. Interestingly, totally different output depending on if the shot was taken top down or through the front glass. Ultimately I think I just need to use my underwater camera, but getting the photos out of it is quite inconvenient, and it doesn't shoot RAW. Now I need to make a new preset or two. Red Devil, yellow spath, and Fox Flame frags (chalk bass photobomb)
  6. So incredibly tempted, have been looking for pics from someone who has done this on a rsr 350 with the new sump layout to give me the courage to start cutting things up. This would make extended vacations a lot easier.
  7. @CuttleFishandCoral queue theme music from Golden Axe RISE FROM YOUR GRAVE!!!! Was just talking to Jeff today about my horrific luck keeping wrasses recently, having had four disappear in 3 weeks, inclusive of this coris wrasse that had been MIA for a week. Losses in the last month now lie at the mystery wrasse, 2 leopard wrasses, shortcake attempt #3, peter pan frag, my long term resident lightning hermit (strangely found floating on same day the wrasse showed his face...) and my pink diamond goby. Additions include aforementioned coris wrasse, two chalk basslets, a white tail bristletooth tang, a pearly jawfish, and some sweet sweet cyano (probably related to the disappearing wrasses) and a hellboy frag. @reefnjunkie continues to not have a secret to growing frags 47X faster than I had hoped, snap to it on that discovery please sir!
  8. A little heat shrink will help protect the connection.
  9. Looking to see if anyone has any of the following BC pieces in the area: Angelica Bananas bananas bananas Skinny love Glass slipper Thanks!
  10. Jeff has 9 now, just bought one. Also now looking for a pistol shrimp. Added the one I got to the tank, went straight for my MP40. All the fish ate lunch. See you tomorrow Jeff.
  11. Apex dosing module coming soon
  12. Krux

    Smooth Skin!

    I have a soft spot for the smooth skin/deep water acros. Please consider sharing with me photos of yours, especially if there are frags available! Getting it started with a Hellboy.
  13. I got the eshopps 12" rack from amazon from my Mother in Law for Chrismas and really like it, i think it was about 30 bucks. I believe All things had them in stock when I was there a few months ago, or it was very similar. Good for acclimation to lights etc.
  14. Tonight I taught myself how to make presets in Lightroom, which makes things a lot easier. There is some weird stuff going on in the magenta range on a few of these. Time for a February photo shoot for growth tracking!
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