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  1. I am itching for some Indo deep water to start rolling in!
  2. Algae scrubber designed to drop in to a filter sock holder
  3. Krux

    Defeated by SPS

    Seachem Cuprisorb removes heavy metals, I would suggest that if you can find it locally.
  4. Any chance of an update? Getting ready to finally do this!
  5. check tony's smokehouse in downtown OC
  6. I have had good luck with my timor wrasse, mush less of a bully and cuc eater than my mystery wrasse was.
  7. wish you were a little closer to Portland, would take what you have!
  8. Krux

    Green palys

    I would recommend wearing gloves when working with that particular strain.
  9. I still need that efflo. Great find on this thread, thanks for bumping it!
  10. Krux

    Green Lump

    seems a good match!
  11. Krux

    Green Lump

    Looking for a local ID. Picked up Green Lump from Jeff about a year ago to test water parameters on the new tank, it was not shockingly, green, but was flashing some purple. Added a recent photo hoping someone recognizes it as something they brought in to him. When is our next berghia group buy? TIA.
  12. Johns marketplace in Multnomah Village does exchanges if you call ahead. Just tell them it is for kegs!
  13. Can I help offset the meat costs by supplying a case of burgers?
  14. Hope to have the day off to stop by, been wanting to check out your system. Thanks in advance for hosting.
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