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  1. I have some time Saturday early to meet up, and yep, thingy found!
  2. You can always start with two and see where it goes from there...
  3. With a 60" tank you are looking at 3 fixtures in all likelihood, do your math based on that. I have 2X XR30 on my 48" tank and am just waiting for a deal to add a third... the middle is too dark. I may run them front to back instead of sideways, will see what the PAR meter says when I get the third. Also consider the cost of mounting systems into the price, the mounting arm and diffusers add another $160 to each light for the xr30 Radions. When you have more than two a horizontal track system becomes more cost effective if offered for whatever light you buy.
  4. I am glad you are 3 miles from my house!
  5. it is the 3d printed model shown above that I had on my AI Fuge (same footprint)
  6. I might have one laying around, if you still need one on Saturday and I can find it you can have it for the price of meeting me somewhere
  7. I am itching for some Indo deep water to start rolling in!
  8. Algae scrubber designed to drop in to a filter sock holder
  9. Krux

    Defeated by SPS

    Seachem Cuprisorb removes heavy metals, I would suggest that if you can find it locally.
  10. Any chance of an update? Getting ready to finally do this!
  11. check tony's smokehouse in downtown OC
  12. I have had good luck with my timor wrasse, mush less of a bully and cuc eater than my mystery wrasse was.
  13. wish you were a little closer to Portland, would take what you have!
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