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  1. Krux

    Back at it... RSR 170

    Water change Saturday! Took the opportunity of having the water level down a few extra inches to take some updated shots after hitting everything with coral frenzy. Added a few new frags today as well. A few pieces have lost a bit of vibrance through the tank transition, but everything was looking pretty happy today. New rock is still stark white making it difficult to photograph things on that end of the tank, but i have some health algae growth on the back glass so it should only be a matter of time until a major bloom happens and then things can settle in. Waiting for a few power brick 1' cords to arrive tomorrow so I can complete the installation of the hardware on the controller board. Hoping that stays a one day project, was hoping to tackle it today but the wiring didn't arrive. Also waiting on my PMK to arrive.
  2. Krux

    PNWMAS history?

    I actually saw the name when I was reading old threads but now forget, maybe dig through the Jan-May 06 postings, it is in there somewhere.
  3. Krux

    PNWMAS history?

    R-3 is not related to R2R2, he was our third Ryan at once, then we got a fourth (Twitterbait) but he never joined the R-Club by adopting what would have been R-4.
  4. Krux

    PNWMAS history?

    Alice, it all started with Alice... Our earlier events happened at Woody's old place. I came on when I moved to Portland in 2001. Most of the people who were around then are gone now. We swelled to about 20 active members and outgrew BBQs at Woody's and branched out into other stores... Soutas, The OG waves when it was in LO, Upscales, R-2's old place down in Salem (forget the name of that shop). Alice became inactive after a move up to Federal Way at this point and we fell to a loosely organized band of rabble rousers, I volunteered to steer things for a while, this was around 2003. Our first really big meeting was at Steve Weast's place, we flew out Steve Tyree and the area got an infusion of cool corals. A few of the group may remember me cooking filet skewers... Steve was a great host. Our first hosted website was set up by a guy named James, we spent some time trying to learn HTML and we got a forum going, but there weren't really any volunteers at that time that had the technical aptitude to push it further than a basic roboboard that we hosted on GoDaddy. Chief came online as our dedicated admin and kept us all out of trouble. This may be the same site we started... unsure, Jay may know if it migrated. As Chief said, we went through the hoops of becoming a 401c (drafting a charter, creating a board of directors, writing a constitution... we took templates from MASNA as guidance) so we could accept donations from vendors and sell raffle tickets to fund tickets to the Oregon Coast Aquarium, speakers, and TFT. At one point we had membership cards that could get you a discount at local shops if you flashed them... maybe I can dig one up some time. Woody moved to Columbia Blvd, Souta's closed, Joel bought out Shaun in the new Waves location in Tualatin over this period (2003-2006). I sold off my tank in 2005 and stepped down as President in late '05 or early '06, Weast broke down his tank around 2008-2009, Jim (Rainbowcorals) moved and broke down his tank around the same time, and I left the group for 10 years due to work, leaving the club in the capable hands of Chief, Lowman, and Jmanrow. It took a while for the changeover, some hostility was floating around, but everything worked its way out in the end. Chief was persistent! We had set up a solid foundation for TFT, had an active board, and were growing faster at that point than we could easily manage (tank tours and meetings grew to a size that your average home could no longer hold us). A few of the older members are still around... Chewie, Chief, R-3, Wannareef and and a couple more are all still active that I see on the forums. There are a couple more that I see on the users list but don't see post much. We had on the old forum a history thread posted, but I am sure that has been scrubbed from the web for almost a decade. I still like to enjoy a beer from time to time with Steve and Jim, think they have both lurked in the back of a meeting at one point in the current era. Hope that helps? Memory gets fuzzy as time passes. R-1 *edit* just found this old post, probably from around '03:
  5. Krux

    Back at it... RSR 170

    My mother in law was kind enough to get me a magnetic frag rack for Christmas. I took advantage of today's coral road trip to throw it in the tank and snap a few quick photos. Don't know what this is, but for some reason it was calling to me. Weird purple brown color... let's see what it does. Impossible to photograph. Got to meet J-Dog today, thanks for having the wife and I over to pick this up I think I need to make a cyphastrea tank some day... I love these and always forget about them. Any way, nice pink branching model here. Here we go on shortcake attempt #3 echinata of some sort... will have to tide me over until i find the ice fire and the hawkins. Mother colony was very pretty, sort of a cross of the two. Also got a frag of Pinky the Bear, can cross that off my list finally. Thanks Fernando. Added a blue star wrasse the other day, i have seen it twice but as expected our mystery wrasse isn't very welcoming. Felt it was important to get it in the tank as soon as possible after the upgrade before territory was reestablished. Hopefully it eats? No wide angle shots for a while, the tank needs to go through a little cycle and I am still waiting on some equipment to finish out the build. A tank twice as large makes what was a comical collection of frags stuck to rocks look even less impressive. With some free time maybe will have an update next weekend. Thanks for following along.
  6. Krux

    Manny’s 150g Waterbox

    Love the air lock, you a brewer?
  7. Krux

    Manny’s 150g Waterbox

    I was thinking of going the Avast route myself, but hadn't seen one done on a Nyos. My 120 doesn't have the drain port so that is out, but the neck cleaner interests me. How difficult was making the modification to the lid?
  8. Krux

    Rainbows in Spain acro frags

    Do you still have a frag of this unspoken for? Off tomorrow, could meet up.
  9. Krux

    Mushroom naming contest

    Whirled Peas
  10. Krux

    Back at it... RSR 170

    Tank is up and running, temp correct, salinity correct, just waiting for the fog to clear over the next couple of hours. Should be able to start moving livestock this week. My PPEs will need to serve as the canary for water quality tonight... they are the only thing I have that doesn't need light for a day or two. Picked up another xr30. I had debated getting two xr15s to flank my current xr30 in the middle to spread out the light, but got a great deal on a lightly used unit so the trigger was pulled. The middle foot of the tank is going to be well illuminated. Spath should be happy. Special thanks to Jeff and crew for letting me haul off all of their water and a couple of loaner items to get this ready for the transition. Ready for you to start searching for a small blue carpet for this bad boy @CuttleFishandCoral!
  11. Krux

    Back at it... RSR 170

    She went for the 350, I was going to go back in and change the order to the xl 425 once she walked out but figured that would only get me in trouble! Gotta take what you can get.
  12. Krux

    Back at it... RSR 170

    Update but no photos! My lovely wife and I struck a deal, she gets to go to St. Kitt's and I get to upgrade tanks. Took the opportunity to pick one up at @CuttleFishandCoral anniversary sale last week. Just when I recovered from the great alk spike of 2018 and things are looking great again it will be time to throw another wrench at the tank. On the plus side, I will finally be able to start buying carpet nems now that there will be real estate. This also happily coincides with 10 days off from work. So, um, who wants to help move this thing down the stairs into the basement when it arrives?
  13. Total Volume 45 gallons Lighting Radion xr30 g4p Apex DOS/DDR w/2 part Age 7 months Stability 8 will edit in measurements when I get a ruler! Method Man photobombs like no other.
  14. paid. out of town until sunday so will need to pick up a frag early next week!