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  1. deltec 701

    I have a used Deltec 701, it has been in a closet for about 3 years, determined that I will not be setting up a reef in the new house as I had hoped. It worked the last time it was hooked on a local cold water tank and was meticulously cared for (some of you might guess whose), but I am more than happy to let a serious buyer come over and see if we can get it going in the bathtub to make sure it is still operational before final purchase. Asking 350 for someone who is local to Portland that wants to pick it up, will ship it for 425 insured, but that wouldn't allow for a day to come tinker with it first. Gonna try for about a week and then try my luck on RC. Just trying to free up some space and take the previous owner out for a nice dinner. I don't check the forums much (last visit was in February) if you are interested in checking it out please email me at rjensen@lclark.edu Thanks and have a great day Ryan p.s. hi to the old folks
  2. Spring Cleaning

    My current place doesn't allow water filled furniture or pets with gills.... as Michael said though, don't count an old dog out of the race just yet.
  3. Spring Cleaning

    All taken care of.
  4. Spring Cleaning

    I am trying to empty a lot of closets and boxes that have been full for years, and I have stumbled upon a small pile of reef equipment that I would like to donate to the TFT program. It is no more than a couple hundred bucks worth of assorted stuff, some pumps, a small thermoelectric chiller, chemicals, etc. I need someone who is affiliated with the TFT program that is willing to drive to Lake Oswego to contact me and let me know when they can come by and grab it. I am only about 15 minutes from Upscales, so anyone who is near there should be able to come by without going too far out of their way. I am not donating this to someone to sell on Craigslist, please only grab this if you are one of the TFT players. The wife says it goes in the dumpster on Monday, so hopefully someone can act on this fact and save it from the landfill. Ryan. PS no pm's, I am not going to check them, calls only or this stuff gets junked.
  5. i always used to throw a white plastic ruler next to frags that i sold online, white balanced to that, and then mentioned in my postings that i had done that. never had a complaint when i was up front about it. i started this after spending around 500.00 on zoa frags from blaine perun and got frags of thing that looked nothing like the photos he took.
  6. Anyone else see Avatar 3-D?

    reefish yes, there were christmas tree worms, zoas, and hydroids, mixed in with a great deal of bio luminescence. good for a matinee unless you are way into fantasy and sci fi. overall i did enjoy it though!
  7. Danik's fish room/300gal in wall build

    Steve had the cleanest tank known to man, and he had no front access, it can be done! Looking sweet. How are you going to suspend your lights? That will play a huge part of how easy or hard that sucker will be to clean.
  8. Personally with things like tanks and children to move around a v70 would be my choice... but hey, i am a wagon sort of guy. As a person with a lot of interaction with volvos over the years (that's all anyone in my family drives) I would make sure that you get some sort of warranty with any that you buy. Repairs though infrequent, are extremely costly and for people who are without warranty or a big savings account, these shop visits can pretty rapidly relegate the cars to the driveway. Station wagons are like gray hair... men think they are awful, but women secretly find them sexy!
  9. Guess whats in the box.

    I was hoping for a fresh shipment of Genies.
  10. New tank setup help

    two considerations: back flow in a power outage will put additional strain on your sump, make sure it has the capacity to hold all that new water without flooding. by the time you get a pump with the oomph to move water that far, you can make a whole new sump setup for cheaper. if you are tying them together to get more water volume in the smaller tank (not a bad idea at all) make sure to address the backflow issue, and then start looking at some pressure rated pumps. you can see the flow curve for most pumps on marine depot or the manufacturers website, and then you can look around locally for the same model. Most stores will special order a pump for you if you know exactly what you want. if heat isn't an issue for you, look at velocity pumps, i have used them to feed remote tanks in the past and they are very nice for that task, particularly the t4, but read about them, expect a good 3 to 5 degrees added to your tank water. if you can't take the heat, i second the suggestion of an eheim 1262 (1260 wont push that far iirc).
  11. red coral id?

    It looks not unlike an encrusting monti that Soutas used to sell years ago. Not sure if they still have it in their shop, maybe Ricky knows what it is if it is indeed the same coral.
  12. Can I see your Triggers?

  13. snorkelwasp