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  1. Prepare to be sad you missed the event (wife picked the caulastrea and sarcophyton, guess she doesn't like sticks): <<insert questionable iphone pics>> <<ignore the algae, Masta Killa assassinated my entire clean up crew, just picked up a fresh batch of takeout for him yesterday>>
  2. Thanks Holly, the wife and I had fun! I think some of the "frags" were so large it is shaking up the territory shuffle in the tank The whole clan has been exploring and claiming the juicy new pieces all day. I keep telling my wife "girls like aquariums too" so bringing her along was healthy for both my hobby and hopefully hers in the future.
  3. Krux

    Back at it... RSR 170

    In the ongoing investigation into what the heck is the Green Lump, I shot this horrible top-down pic to show the changes to the color at the tips. Still looking sort of like the Paletta Tricolor, still totally the wrong shape. I will likely need to update this later as when looking at the photo on the monitor the shot is shameful... I really need one of those spyglass things.
  4. Krux

    Back at it... RSR 170

    Also have an updated photo on green nubbin/purple plasma, it hasn't really grown, but I think this is a better photo than I posted above.
  5. Krux

    Back at it... RSR 170

    picked up a couple of pieces from Rudy today that I had won in an auction. I needed some red to tide me over until I find a frag of the RR Maleficent. Also grabbed some OG PPe's which are one of only two morphs I want in this tank. If anyone has a line on some OG Tubb's Blues please let me know, that is the other one I want. For the zoas I had to reset the lights to CoralLab AB+ as the PPE's just didn't show well under my 12k photo setting for the Radion, unfortunately my iPhone hates UV from LEDs... lesser of two evils. I hate zoas, some of you may remember my experiment a decade ago with regal angels trying to get them to eat 'em up in my bare bottom 75 gallon mixed reef, then I tried sundial snails, but TB and PPE bring me back to the old days, I can make an exception this time. Thanks @goldenbasketreef
  6. Krux

    Australian Frag Tracking Thread

    Last shot, I am pretty sure this tenuis-ish colony was part of the Aussie shipment, maybe Jeff can confirm. It was in the same tank but may have been an innocent bystander. Very vibrant lime green coloration, the broken tip is mostly healed.
  7. Krux

    Australian Frag Tracking Thread

    This colony had a pinkish cast, it appears to be a shortcake style coral. I couldn't pull the magenta out of the background enough and still get an accurate color depiction of the frag as it is somewhat shadowed, will move it around for the next check-in, but this is close.
  8. Krux

    Australian Frag Tracking Thread

    Here is a club-shaped deep water acro, the colony had a semi-saturated neon yellow-green on the top side of the coral, you can see hints of it on this piece. This is another one that I have no clue what the species is.
  9. Krux

    Australian Frag Tracking Thread

    Snapped another couple of shots today. Next up is this green/yellow table crowth form frag. Tips look to be changing color, I can't recall for sure if they had a color change on the colony when it came in but I feel like that was the case.
  10. Krux

    Tank cooling

    Awesome, thanks for the code, my fan arrives tomorrow. I haven't turned my portable AC off for almost three weeks now, I would love to be able to at least run it on low for a while. This summer is crazy
  11. Krux

    Australian Frag Tracking Thread

    I picked up a few frags from C&C's last Australia shipment. I am going to toss some photos in this thread to track growth and coloration, once I get my new camera it should be a bit more interesting, but I snapped one today while doing a water change to force me to start the documentation process. If anyone wants to chime in with a species identification on any of these as they go up it will help me actually refer to them properly as they mature. If anyone else grabbed any of these please add them into the thread, will be interesting to see what they do in different systems. First up, purple thing:
  12. Krux

    Hydra HD52

    But do you take payments on Bahama Mama? Great deal for someone, snap these up!
  13. Krux

    Pistol shrimp vs snails

    "Get off my lawn"!
  14. Hello all, looking for any of the above, let me know if you are fragging these.
  15. Krux

    Snagged some frags

    Cuttlefish Dropped the actinics from 16k to 12k