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  1. Looking for advice on RVs Who has them?

    Especially when it’s not your money
  2. Looking for advice on RVs Who has them?

    Don’t quote me on this but I’m pretty sure there is an rpod factory in Dallas. Could be worth taking a drive down and seeing for yourself
  3. Looking for advice on RVs Who has them?

    This was my driveway for awhile. One of my proudest moments. I kept the smaller ones
  4. Looking for advice on RVs Who has them?

    Hey I’ve had smaller rv’s my entire life. They are a bit of an obsession (wife literally had banned me from looking st them on Craigslist) due to me finding two I loved and buying both... I have always bought old Toyota motorhomes and fixed them up but I can see both sides of the coin regarding buying a nice one or fixing up an old one. I have done both and don’t think it’s cheaper to rebuild an old one. It’s worth it if A) you enjoy a project and B) you really want to make it your own. There is a great store in Milwaukee that has surplus RV parts. I can look up the name of you want. prices should be pretty cheap right now and with this weather there will be no question whether the thing leaks or not. as far as learning how to tow, it’s all about practice. One of those Rpod types is pretty small so it shouldn’t be too hard to learn. I would just take it out to the middle of nowhere and drive till your comfortable. Maybe practice backing up in an empty parking lot...the only other thing regarding driving is some of the smaller campers (tent trailers are known for this) have pretty whimpy Tires and can wobble quite a bit. I have always been happy investing in wider heavy duty tires.
  5. Shoutout to Gulf Coast Ecosystems

    I've done the seagrasses for all sorts of tanks, they look nice in the sand and sort-of act as a nutrient sink. I don't have any anymore as Tangs and rabbits have made short work of them.
  6. Shoutout to Gulf Coast Ecosystems

    Man glad to hear of someone else using these guys. I have bought all sorts of things from them over the years and customer service with them has been fantastic. They are also one of the few places that sells any of the sea grasses other than turtle grass. I have bought both star grass and manatee grass from them.
  7. Mobile mechanic/ auto technician

    Where are you located? I have a few older rigs that need an occasional repair
  8. Hey thanks for the reply. Did some more work on this and came to the conclusion that it’s outdated and sucks. I’ll be swapping it out for an apex
  9. Trying to set up a co2 system on a planted aquarium using a Reefkeeper net as the ph controller. I would like to have the co2 shut off when the ph falls too low and also have a timer shut it off when the lights go out. Is there a way to do this on the Reefkeeper or will I need to plug the solenoid into a light timer and plug that into the Reefkeeper?
  10. Tank (Large) on "Silent Floor" Joists

    I agree with xmas one. Not an engineer but worked construction for a decade. It would be simple and cheap to add supports under the joists (assuming this is on the ground floor). Simplest way would be in the form of concrete piers and 4x posts. Or as he said jacks. shouldn't take more than an afternoon and would give peace of mind at the very least.
  11. Tank, fish, and coral.

    just sent a PM on coral fish and rock
  12. Baby Hammers!

    my experience is feed them often and they will grow very quickly, they don't have to be fed however. they can feed pretty much every day. cyclops, seafood juice, anything meaty and small. sometimes you even get lucky and as they grow you can snap them off the skeleton and a new one will start growing in their place.
  13. Hi Everyone, I have a quarantine/breeding setup for sale. System Consists of Three 20-25 gallon tanks all plumbed together, Ball valves included to control flow and take indivudual tanks off-line. System measure 76x24 inches. Not sure how to do the photo bucket thing so here is a link to the craigslist with pictures: https://corvallis.craigslist.org/for/6021357724.html System comes with: 3 tanks, Stand (ugly but it works) 10 gallon sump protein skimmer return pump air pump heaters base rock bio balls possibly other odds and ends. This could be hauled in a pickup or the plumbing could be cut and hauled in a station wagon or SUV. It is ugly but it works just fine. I am asking $100 or probably willing to trade for just about anything. Skimmers, Lighting, other equipment, Fish, corals (I'm a coral whore, pretty open to just about anything...) I know its ugly but it works and I'm pretty sure I have priced it pretty affordably. Located in Monmouth. Message, call or text before 10 pm (541)760-2594 Kyle
  14. Polycarbonate custom lid

    I don't have a polycarbonate lid but I do have a polycarbonate greenhouse. Moisture won't affect it but temp will pretty good. It will really expand with heat and contract with cold. Not sure what lighting your using but that could play a pretty big role in its ability to hold its form.
  15. True Yellow Branching Hammer Interest?

    I am interested as well, Just sent you a PM