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  1. Hey thanks for the reply. Did some more work on this and came to the conclusion that it’s outdated and sucks. I’ll be swapping it out for an apex
  2. Trying to set up a co2 system on a planted aquarium using a Reefkeeper net as the ph controller. I would like to have the co2 shut off when the ph falls too low and also have a timer shut it off when the lights go out. Is there a way to do this on the Reefkeeper or will I need to plug the solenoid into a light timer and plug that into the Reefkeeper?
  3. Tank (Large) on "Silent Floor" Joists

    I agree with xmas one. Not an engineer but worked construction for a decade. It would be simple and cheap to add supports under the joists (assuming this is on the ground floor). Simplest way would be in the form of concrete piers and 4x posts. Or as he said jacks. shouldn't take more than an afternoon and would give peace of mind at the very least.
  4. Tank, fish, and coral.

    just sent a PM on coral fish and rock
  5. Baby Hammers!

    my experience is feed them often and they will grow very quickly, they don't have to be fed however. they can feed pretty much every day. cyclops, seafood juice, anything meaty and small. sometimes you even get lucky and as they grow you can snap them off the skeleton and a new one will start growing in their place.
  6. Hi Everyone, I have a quarantine/breeding setup for sale. System Consists of Three 20-25 gallon tanks all plumbed together, Ball valves included to control flow and take indivudual tanks off-line. System measure 76x24 inches. Not sure how to do the photo bucket thing so here is a link to the craigslist with pictures: https://corvallis.craigslist.org/for/6021357724.html System comes with: 3 tanks, Stand (ugly but it works) 10 gallon sump protein skimmer return pump air pump heaters base rock bio balls possibly other odds and ends. This could be hauled in a pickup or the plumbing could be cut and hauled in a station wagon or SUV. It is ugly but it works just fine. I am asking $100 or probably willing to trade for just about anything. Skimmers, Lighting, other equipment, Fish, corals (I'm a coral whore, pretty open to just about anything...) I know its ugly but it works and I'm pretty sure I have priced it pretty affordably. Located in Monmouth. Message, call or text before 10 pm (541)760-2594 Kyle
  7. Polycarbonate custom lid

    I don't have a polycarbonate lid but I do have a polycarbonate greenhouse. Moisture won't affect it but temp will pretty good. It will really expand with heat and contract with cold. Not sure what lighting your using but that could play a pretty big role in its ability to hold its form.
  8. True Yellow Branching Hammer Interest?

    I am interested as well, Just sent you a PM
  9. Fluffy chillas!!!

    I think you earned it. I call dibs on the first frag of "Fluffy Chillas", LOL
  10. Fluffy chillas!!!

    To be honest when I saw the title to the thread "Fluffy Chillas" I just assumed that was the name of some fancy new designer zoanthid...
  11. Before RODI was a thing

    I can vouch for Robert. I grew up in farm country outside Corvallis and TDS out of the tap was 200-300 depending on time of year. I moved to Corvallis around my college years and quite using RO. Corvallis water just didn't need it. I still do a few maintenance accounts in Corvallis and use tap water on all of them.
  12. Main drain almost entirely plugged

    Similar to the wet vac idea you could also try blowing air with a compressor through the pipes. not sure what the situation is but could you just cut out everything but the bulkhead and re plumb it?
  13. Acan zapped

    Other than making sure it's environmental needs are being met. I would say making sure it gets fed often would go a long way to recovery. Foods like cyclops, reef-roids, blended up seafood, fish eggs, etc. fed 3-5 times per week would really help in getting this coral back to health and growing quickly.
  14. New Calcium Reactor $60

    Pm sent
  15. if parting out I would love the calcium reactor