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  1. DennisW

    Reefnjunkie's 400 gallon inwall

    wow...just keeps getting better and better. Nice. It's kinda funny that when you get down to ultra low nutrients, the cyano takes over since it can survive where the other "algaes" no longer can. Dennis
  2. DennisW

    LE captain America palys

    Do you have a list of what sps you have? Pics? I have 4 polyps on a frag plug for ya. Dennis
  3. DennisW

    pictures of your tank

    Shaun, those top downs are absolutely amazing. Thanks for posting those. Dennis
  4. Thanks. I will try and pm him. Dennis
  5. DennisW

    300 Cube the new tank.

    Looks really good Frank! Dennis
  6. Need either a 4HD outlet box or one of the 8 outlet ones. The ACJR I have is pretty old. I think it is one of the originals. I think the outlet box connects to the controller with a phone like cord. Thanks for looking. Dennis
  7. DennisW

    Handicap Shrimp

    My guess would be an incomplete molt. How's your iodine levels? Do you dose it? Dennis
  8. DennisW

    Beautiful SPS Frags for Sale!

    Is the lemonade gone? If not, I want it. Dennis
  9. DennisW

    seeing it for real

    Is that your first time seeing a "reef"? I remember the first time I snorkeled. It was off black rock beach in front of the hilton hotel in Maui. Being an aquarist and sticking your face in the water the first time seeing a real reef is unreal for sure. Dennis
  10. DennisW

    Great Barrier Reef

    Here! Here! I refuse to drink the Kool Aid as well. Dennis
  11. DennisW


    Fins down....best shop in the portland metro area. Been going there for years. VERY rarely go anywhere else. Always a fair, good deal to be had. Austin is great to deal with along with Patrick and all the rest of the crew. Patrick replaced a Chevron tang for you Brad? Wow...that's a pretty spendy fish. Best customer service in the biz. FO SHO! Dennis
  12. Hey Aaron, I got two old tmobile phones. I will try and get a pic here of them today. They are not androids but...if she's interested in either, I would send it to ya. No charge of course. Dennis
  13. DennisW

    High End Chalices That Reefnjunkie Does Not Own

    Doesn't everything look better under led's?
  14. DennisW

    Lots of calcification on pumps

    Wouldn't the Ca and Alk be low if a lot of precipitation is occurring for some reason? Dennis