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  1. lurch

    WTB Anemone

    I have a RBTA about 5 to 6 inches I would like to sell. Not sure what they go for now it has been a long time since i bought one.
  2. thank you I will give them a try.
  3. My Mean Well ballast trips my circuit breaker every time I plug it in. Does anyone know a local place (Portland area) to get a new ballast?
  4. Have you heard of "melevsreef" he sell a chimney for the anhiem http://www.melevsreef.com/catalog/eheim-chimney
  5. Saltwater fanta seas is now saltwater obsessions in Gresham Patrick is only open Saturday and Sunday.
  6. When would be a good time to pick up the chalice and the gsp?
  7. Oh shoot right after I posted I saw your location sorry about that part but I am interested
  8. Where are you located at I'd be interested in the chalice and the Green Star polyps
  9. Do you still have this tank? Would there be a good time to come see it tomorrow?
  10. Does it have an overflow? What are the dimension?
  11. what are the dimensions of the metal halide fixture
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