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  1. Hi, it's been quite a while since I've posted! I still have my 60G cube. Years and years ago, I had stomatella snails in my tank, but when I added peppermint shrimp, they were all decimated in a few days! :*( I'd love to haven them in my tank again, and was hoping someone here might have some, and willing to sell. Could trade for green star polyps.
  2. Can the light be controlled with an aquarium computer?
  3. So, I just tried to fix my noisy mp10, and am left with the races of the bearings still stuck on the magnet shaft. Does anyone have a quiet mp10 or mp40 for sale for cheap, or an mp10 dry side, before I go and order something? I'm so annoyed! Oh, and if anyone needs some bearings for an mp10, I have some available for cheap!
  4. I have an 48" 8 bulb Tek light, if that's something you are considering. Comes with a bunch of bulbs, some used, some brand new.
  5. Thanks! I think you are a little too far away, though. I'm in Eugene. Forgot to mention my location in the first post.
  6. Looking for something cheap to house a large piece of live rock with orange rics on it. It's been living in my sump, but I need the space for cheato. Something with an led lamp would be great. The rock is about 9x12 inches. Was thinking of a small cube.
  7. Garrett, can you please check your private messages?
  8. I found the exact ballast that was in my 8-bulb Tek light at Home Depot (Eugene, by Fred Meyer) for 40 bucks, just a few weeks ago. The Advance Centium.
  9. siskiou

    LED strips?

    My Tek light is back in business, for now! I hope nothing else breaks in the near future. It seems, after 5-6 years, equipment starts going out, one by one.
  10. Yes! Halleluja! The new ballast works! Now I just have to put the fixture back together and I'm only out 45 bucks in materials! Sent from my ADR6350 using Tapatalk Isn't it sad that I have to send pics via my phone? It's so much trouble uploading them from the computer, with the size never the correct one!
  11. siskiou

    LED strips?

    Thanks, Miles! I actually just got back from HomeDepot, where they have the exact Advance ballast model that needs replacing for 40 bucks. Online, they go for much more! So, I bought one and hope to just be able to disconnect/reconnect the wires from old to new, one by one. I hope that will take care of the problem! Right now, the tank has an old actinic vho bulb as the only lighting, and man, does it look good! Still can't beat vho actinics! I'm half tempted to add a couple of bulbs, just for looks, with that workhorse 7 ballast!
  12. siskiou

    LED strips?

    Well, it's a 120G tank, mixed corals, several sps, and the LEDs would have to replace 4x54w T5HOs. My budget is less than $200, if possible. I'm probably dreaming, and should just order a replacement ballast for the T5s.
  13. siskiou

    LED strips?

    Since I'm not electrically savvy enough to switch a workhorse ballast for the Advance brand currently in my Tek fixture, I would have to buy the exact same ballast, to make it easy to just "cut and paste" the new one in. It will cost close to $100. I've also been looking at LED lights, and know I won't be able to buy something that covers the whole tank right now. But are there "strips" (3-4 foot long), that I could add into the fixture (my actinic set went out, meaning the outside four bulbs, two at the front, and two at the end)? Something that is reasonable good quality, but doesn't break the bank? Maybe a DIY kit. Can someone recommend something? I've only just started reading about LEDs, so I don't know all that much about what's good for corals. If they were controllable via 1-10v interface, it would be awesome!
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