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Need help identifying mushrooms

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Howdy everyone, looking to get some help identifying some mushrooms that I recently got. I have reached out to a couple of stores and got some great input, but wanted to get a consensus on what they might be. Thinking of possible selling a few off to help pay for the tank I just bought too. I took some pics with diffrent lighting and some gel filter to get rid of the blue to help see the coloring. Sorry still cell phone pics so they are not the best. 

A couple suggestions I have received so far from people. 

Rainbow Rhodactis (I think there is more color in mine than regular rainbow)

Superman Rhodactis (I think there is more orange in mine and more varieties of color)

Maui Wawi Rhodactis (I think there is more orange and not as much yellow in mine)

Reverse Maui Wawi Rhodactis (Probably the closest but mine have more greenish the middle)



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