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75g breakdown. Livestock.

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All equipment will go after the livestock is sold. I'm willing to take holds via PayPal if anyone has interest. 


75g 48x18x21 glass tank. Has a few minor scratches. Drilled herbie style. 1" overflow with ball valve. Black stand with 25g acrylic aquarium shark sump. $125

magnus curve 7 skimmer - $110 -SOLD

(2) ocean revive t247 lights, 7 months old. -$115 each. 

Older eheim 1101 800gph external pump -$30

Around 80lbs of live rock. A good amount of aiptasia and a ton of soft corals on it. Mushrooms, GSP, Xenia, zoa's $1.50/lb


(3) green chromis - $5 each

large flame angel - $35

royal gramma - $10


Large brownish wall hammer - $50 - SOLD

Green w/purple tip frogspawn 6 heads - $25 SOLD

Neon green hammer 6 heads -$25 SOLD

6"x5" rock with small 4 orange rics, 4 purple rics, 1 greenish/brown and some orange zoa  - $35

decent patch of GSP on large rock - $15

super red mushroom rock with one large and 4 baby shrooms - $15 SOLD

large rock with lots of spotted green mushrooms, neon palys, and zoa's - $40 SOLD

small cluster of zoa's -$10 

two large Kenya tree corals - $15

large RBTA -$35 SOLD

$550 takes it all. 

you can contact me at 503 8O8 O851 one if you have questions or want more pictures. 











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Interested in Flame angel. Location? Does he nip any corals?

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