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xmas 5g AIO

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I’ve had this running on my nightstand for a little over a year. It’s an Advanced Acrylics tank with the following parts:

IKEA led light modded with 3-up from Steve’s LEDs

Sicce Syncra 1.0 pump

Hydor 7.5w heater

Apex Jr. 

My three year old feeds it flake food probably twice a week and it’s only had one 100% water change about 4 months ago. Top off with RO/DI. These little simple tanks I think are my favorites. All the stuff that grows on the rocks: pods, mini-brittle stars, tiny red tube worms, ball nems, vermitid snails, sponges, and bubble algae. It all seems to stay in balance somehow. 





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I love the light on this!  I had not heard of "Steve's LED" or a "3-up" so I googled it.  Pretty cool low cost item.  About $50 including the upgrade?  Nice work!

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