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Been in Gig Harbor for a year, but am new to the community

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Hi everybody


My names Jack. I moved from San Diego last august with my girlfriend and fish tanks! I started my first saltwater tank about 3 years ago and now Ive got a 110 with fish and anemones, a 40b as my reef, and a brackish tank with a green spot puffer.  I am hoping to make some friends and trade/buy/sell frags!


I work on a ship based out of Portland and commute usually once a week. I am always happy to make side trips on my way to or from work.


This is my first community forum to be a part of and I will do my best to contribute to the forum and hopefully help some folks out.





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Welcome to the forum Jack! If you are in Portland August 21 you should come to the meeting. It's at my place and we will be auctioning and raffling some nice corals including zoas.


I would definitely be happy to trade with you one of your trips through Portland!????

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