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Hello from Tumwater!

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Just found this page not too long ago and have been watching it, very very impressed and happy we have a solid PNW forum board!  


I've been reefing since 2002, took a long break in between since we moved out to Florida for a bit.  Bought our house last year and one of the requirements was room for a fish tank.  Only took a few months before a 90G was in place and only a few months more before that one was gone, holes were punched through a wall and a closet was converted into a sump area hahaha.  I've now got a 120g tank that has been up and running since June, 2015 and doing very well.  


Looking forward to posting the build/conversion thread and showing some coral growth along with all the new toys that are coming online!


Also, very much looking forward to meeting a few of  you as i'm very active in trying to get as much knowledge from as many different people as possible!




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Welcome to the forum! You have come to the right place for information, meetings, and frag swaps and there are an awesome bunch of reefers in the Longview area!

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Great to have you here, Steve.  Can't wait for pictures of your set up.  Welcome!

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