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WTS/WTT Nice Size Corals & Rock Flower Anemone

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Making room...  Prices below, or trade for similar value bubble tipped or mini maxi carpet anemones.


Beautiful long tentacle plate coral, 7 inches fully open.  White tipped, buff colored tentacles with striking lime green base (2 pics). $50.






ORA Blue Polyp Montipora Capricornis, about 2 1/2 inches across, on a stick-like rock. $40.



Root beer rock flower anemone with yellow/green center, about 3 inches open. $40.


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Need to get these gone.  New prices OR trade for bubble tip or mini-maxi anemones:




Rock flower anemone--$25


I'm in SW Portland, and I'll be at the meeting on Sunday.

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All very nice stuff with nice prices but too big for my nano. Love those long tentacle plate corals. To me they are like having an anemone without the worry that it's going to move on you!

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All sold. Sorry for not posting that sooner.



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