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Jenn's 6 gal Fluval Edge

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Since the great server crash of 2014 made all tank threads of the last two years go away I thought I would start over with the easiest one.


Jenn is always looking at the tiny little creatures at the fish store and saying "I want that!" Since putting those tiny little creatures in a 90 gal reef would result in either lunch for other inhabitants or another resident that is never seen, We decided to start a nano. I picked this used Fluval up from another club member. It was a fresh water setup in a previous life. First order of business was to empty the old substrate and give it a good vinegar soak:

13023124195_8837f77b1c_b.jpgIMG_2673 by rworegon, on Flickr


I didn't much like the stock hood and the tank didn't come with any lighting so a hood/lighting overhaul was in order. First thing to do was cut down the hood to allow an open top for gas exchange. I took the whole thing over to Scuba Steve's house, easy, even in a Miata, and we cut the back off the stock hood.

13265926824_ea60389788_b.jpg20140318_173315 by rworegon, on Flickr


This allowed me to keep the filter in place but out of sight.

13265583235_5e2f94f195_b.jpg20140318_173244 by rworegon, on Flickr


A little trimming and a notch in the hood to accept the rim of the tank and everything sits nice and flat.

13265577815_ee0ffd9934_b.jpg20140318_173333 by rworegon, on Flickr


Next a piece of scrap black acrylic was cut and added to the back of the hood to complete the new hood.

13265920994_bffdd1b0e2_b.jpg20140318_181328 by rworegon, on Flickr


Next was the remedy the lighting. I picked up a IM Nuvo8 light from Bicycle Bill. Thanks Bill. The mount was then glued to the back of the new hood to allow the light to be suspended above the new open top of the Edge.

13265591175_733fbd6e33_b.jpg20140318_203033 by rworegon, on Flickr


The key was to find the sweet spot so that there were no shadow lines on the inside of the tank.

13265732753_f4de1fbd2d_b.jpg20140318_203238 by rworegon, on Flickr


The finished product, dry.

13265940224_193510cf95_b.jpg20140318_203010 by rworegon, on Flickr


Added some sand and rubble from the refugium of the reef and "Instant mini reef."

13319571114_3af8f21970_b.jpgits wet by rworegon, on Flickr


Now for stocking,

Yasha Goby with a candy cane pistol shrimp:

13894049895_1b0d81f62b_b.jpgyasha and pistol by rworegon, on Flickr

Pom Pom crab:

13458573844_09983a20da_b.jpgpom pom crab 03-27-2014 by rworegon, on Flickr

Tailspot blenny:

14256842041_013a1a3a5f_b.jpg_IGP5143 by rworegon, on Flickr

A couple of zoa's that were just sitting around on the floor of the reef:

14073523048_88b07ecf76_b.jpg_IGP5139 by rworegon, on Flickr

14259775244_13aa9964f8_b.jpg_IGP5140 by rworegon, on Flickr

There's also a sexy shrimp, a gold banded coral shrimp, a Hector's Goby, a Neon Goby, sorry no pics of these right now, and this little guy:

14782171475_958b07826c_b.jpgcroucher by rworegon, on Flickr.

Gumdrop Coral Croucher.


This has been a fun little tank and a place for Jenn to put those cute, tiny little creatures that just aren't appropriate for the reef.

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Very nice little tank, how has the coral croucher done? I love those little fish.

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Thank you both. The croucher is doing great. its really fun to watch at feeding time. He gets so excited and wiggles and darts about.

Unfortunately there have been two casualties in this tank. The Pom Pom crab went missing some time ago, and recently the Tailspot managed to jump.

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So soon I will start an upgrade build for this tank. It will be a 30 gal cube, but in the meantime as I gather the bits, one thing I picked up was a reefstar alpha series nano light from Kenny.

I was "busy" watching the Oregon State vs Washington State game and thought I would see what the new light would look like over the Fluval. Took a little doing but I got it to fit. I programmed it so I would no longer have to manually turn the lights on and off every day. If this was going to be a permanent solution I would hang the light higher than the legs to get better coverage but since this is temporary, it will do just fine. I just can't say enough good things about the Alpha series light. So easy to program and the ramp up and ramp down is flawless.

15557892998_e5ee307141_c.jpgreefstar over fluval

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what did you use for the legs on the light? I wanting to add a reefstar or OR T247 over my 10 gallon but do not want to hang from the ceiling. I have it on my kitchen counter so no way to attach anything to that either

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