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  1. If you want to ad more pop to your corals... you’re in luck today! I’ve upgraded my Orphek OR3 blue bar to the current model. This bar was purchased new last July. It’s in new condition but used on a 10hour daily schedule. Works flawlessly (I’ll post more pictures soon) corals pictures under 2-Orpheks and 2 XR15 G5 pros and a 20k filter on my iPhone for reference. 100.00
  2. Yes I do.. just fragged two more
  3. Happy valley/ Clackamas area
  4. I have a few frags of the Miyagi Tort for sale .. they are doing great and newly clipped frags so single stag.. no branching. Also available is a 2 1/2 branching $30 also have a multi branch 2 1/2 for $35! Hit me up foR details regarding pricing and which frag you want.
  5. Curve 5 Sizing Recommendations Light Bioload: 120 gallons Medium Bioload: 90 gallons Heavy Bioload (most common): 55 gallons
  6. I ran John guest ball valve and choked the air intake and it performed awesome!
  7. Literally set it in the tank and it was already ballooning !! Haha!
  8. Thanks for this awesome anemone!! I’ve seen ones like this is LFS for $600 bucks!! Thanks for the deal sir!
  9. Tube anemone 40 bucks. Firm! Happy Valley/Clackamas
  10. Innovative Nuvo Fusion Pro 20 gallon reef tank with all aluminum Nuvo APS stand. .. this system includes an optional Nuvo Protein skimmer.and two heaters, sump cover, mesh cover and some test kits and filters. Also including DJ switch panel. Live stock not for sale. This tank has no flaws and in very good condition. Local pick-up cash or PP 425.00
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