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  1. Curve 5 Sizing Recommendations Light Bioload: 120 gallons Medium Bioload: 90 gallons Heavy Bioload (most common): 55 gallons
  2. I ran John guest ball valve and choked the air intake and it performed awesome!
  3. A nice Bubble Megus Curve 5 skimmer up for grabs! I ran it flawlessly for 6 months.. I did a citric acid cleanse, pulled all apart an scrubbed! She plug and play! 125.00
  4. Literally set it in the tank and it was already ballooning !! Haha!
  5. Thanks for this awesome anemone!! I’ve seen ones like this is LFS for $600 bucks!! Thanks for the deal sir!
  6. Tube anemone 40 bucks. Firm! Happy Valley/Clackamas
  7. Innovative Nuvo Fusion Pro 20 gallon reef tank with all aluminum Nuvo APS stand. .. this system includes an optional Nuvo Protein skimmer.and two heaters, sump cover, mesh cover and some test kits and filters. Also including DJ switch panel. Live stock not for sale. This tank has no flaws and in very good condition. Local pick-up cash or PP 425.00
  8. Making room.. I have a Micronesian ORA Torch coral for sale ..Brown with green tips! healthy and clean $40 971-235-7541
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