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  1. I got a couple boxes from saltwateraquarium.com this week. Use the notify when available option. They are trickling in.
  2. Indeed. Very interesting and informative!
  3. A lot of the saltwater/reef 'systems' are labeled this way now. It will be important to know your total system water volume when adding additives. The ext75 is a sweet system as well. Larger systems will be more stable and are easier (imho) to begin with.
  4. I would recommend plugging in the Helios ptc heater controller into the Apex. Plugging a titanium heating element directly into the Apex power bank will wear out the switching outlets prematurely. fwiw - if funds are limited you can always skip the apex.
  5. The Honda 2000 generator is one of the quietist available. That said, I don't think the HOA will care about the noise during a power outage. Your neighbors will most likely want to tap into that power source!
  6. Thanks for the sweet raffle prizes @CuttleFishandCoral!
  7. Be sure to freeze some water bottles in case your home AC goes out so you can keep your tank(s) from overheating.
  8. A) this needs to go to classifieds B) this needs prices C) I need all of it
  9. I just wanted to give props to All Things Aquariums for stocking a lot of great hard goods. They have really saved the day by having things I needed on hand. I also picked up a new Hanna HR Nitrate (1-step) checker the other day - that thing is awesome btw! In addition, they have quite an impressive inventory of corals and livestock. Support your LFS!
  10. I recently discovered 'Unread Content' under the Activity menu. This is my new bookmarked landing page Unread Content - PNWMAS
  11. eCommerce retailer, Bulk Reef Supply, has acquired Marine Depot - Marine Depot Blog
  12. I have one that I need to get rid of. It can grow to 8"+. Located in West Linn.
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