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  1. Time to cull the herd. Anyone needing cheato, here you go. Pickup in Tualatin. Free.
  2. Redundancy is always the key. I also have a float valve in the ATO container and sump. The seloniod normal state is closed, so hopefully if it fails it will be closed. Also, since I'm only running it once a week, hopefully it won't stop working for a while. I'll report back.
  3. Thought I would share a quick DIY for my auto top off. I have an 11 gallon ATO that is gravity fed in the garage to the main sump/tank in the house. I'm cautious, in that I never want more water in my ATO then the sump can handle. Over the years I've heard about flooded living rooms! I installed the pictured $9.00 110v 1/4 inch (NC) RODI solenoid which I plugged into a wifi controlled outlet. Now I can set a schedule to allow the outlet to be on once a week and run for an hour to refill the ATO container. The only other parts needed was an old power cord and two male disconnects. Hope this helps others.
  4. Couple of pics. Always open to input. Honestly, it's not that blue. Open to any frags you may want.
  5. Couple good deals, if your looking. Auto Flush Flow Restrictor – Aquatec Only $45 Auto Aqua – Smart Skimmer Security – AutoAqua Only $30 Https://littlemaui.com
  6. Nice info. How far above the rim is the top of the skimmer? Curious because my tank is under a cabinet. I can pull the tank out, but limited on height.
  7. I sold one, but think I have another. I'm out of town until Thursday. Do you want me to check then?
  8. Welcome! Take to to read about reef tanks. Read, read, read. 😀
  9. For sale is a 500 mL/min Auto Flush Flow Restrictor - Aquatec. $50 local pick up. Cash or PayPal (you pay any fees). Used for a couple months until I recofigured system.
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