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Pacquiao vs Hatton


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I was sooo happy to see Hatton get knocked out....again. Not to mention the upcomming Mayweather fight with Marquez is going to be a great one. Back to the Hatton knockout though, I love hearing his fans sing that stupid song....then both times he was knocked out you just heard that song fade to an earie silence....like Mcdonalds says, I'm lovin it!!!!

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There's only one Ricky Hatton....rofl. Am I the only one that noticed that he was pretty much KO'd with the same punch as last time? Mayweather caught him with a counter check hook, and although Pacquiao's was more of a overhand it was still a counter hook (not quite a check hook) but same situation....same outcome. Hatton is done in the US....head back over the pond there little man with your head hanging low.

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Oh, I have no doubt about that, I am no professional fighter, but still, he has this great record but most of his opponents were from over sea's. With the exception of Klitchko and Pacquaio they have all been over rated.

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