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The time frame for officer nominations is now over. Elections would now begin, yet all of the officers are uncontested! This means that the following individuals will begin July 1, 2009! Congratulations and a big thanks to those offering up their free time for our fine club!


John Manrow-President


Mark Jackson-Vice President


Rob Allen-Treasurer


Kris Waters-Secretary


We typically combine the VP and Vendor Relations position so it may be that Mark wears two hats!


I also want to thank Brandy for all of her hard work!


Thanks a bunch.



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I could come up with some random poll if you like!


YES!!! Please do (clap). I like to vote, even if it is for some random stuff. Just clicking on one circle above all the others gives me the feeling of POWER! Democracy at its best! (nutty)



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1) Which pronunciation do you prefer?

a) Tomayto (normal - tomato)

b) Tomahto (pretentious - tomaahhto)


2) again?

a) Potayto (normal - potato)

b) Potahto (pretentious - potahhto)


3) again?

a) Vayse (normal - vase)

b) Vahse (pretntious - vahhse)


Hahahaha. Seems like we are all voting for the same thing. Dejavu?

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