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iReef iPhone application for RKE controllers


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I wrote a simple free iPhone app for anyone using an RKE controller with the RKM-NET module. It was just posted to the iTunes App Store last night. The first release is just a simple display of your RKE's RSS values.


You will need to have your RKM-NET module set up to have the RSS feed turned on and if you want to access it over the internet you will need to have your router set up to allow port forwarding to your RKM-NET. If you have any questions on how to do this, check out the RKM-NET forums on http://www.forum.digitalaquatics.com/viewforum.php?f=22.


I'm already working on adding new features and the ability to graph historical data. The plan is that as DA add capabilities to the NET module that I will add those capabilities to the iPhone app.


To download the app, click This link.




Special thanks to Andy for permission to use his great photography as artwork for the App's icon!



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Just a warning. Version 1.0 was pretty simple. I probably should have waited until the changes I added for version 1.1 before I released it to the app store. I'm still waiting for apple to approve 1.1. Once it's approved it will be a free update. I think it's much better in the way the information is displayed. I'm working on adding the ability to graph the historical data next. But that may take some time to work out.

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