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Alright just got my acrylic tank (2x2x2) and I have a couple minor scratches. I have never had an acrylic tank before, so what would be the best solution to get rid of these before I set everything up? I can barely catch my nail in the scratches, so they are not very deep at all. Anyone recommend any products out there?


Also what do you acrylic guys use to scrape the tank? I have heard a thick piece of acrylic works pretty well...

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empty starbucks gift cards work best... not sure who it was but a few years ago someone brought hundreds of them to a meeting, everyone had more scrapers than they knew what to do with... was it Joel maybe?

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get yourself the number 2 novus polish. quite a few people sell it online. if ya happen to come up I-5 in the near future Tap Plastics carries it. they are just down the street from Waves just off the freeway. I just got done refinishing my 155 with their products and it worked wonders. Just take your time and it will be worth it.

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