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Ca2or Purple Hornets

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Ca2or, I noticed the thread on the other reef forum about the purple hornets. If you ever want to see some up close and personal, I have a small colony of about 20 polyps I can show you for comparison purposes. The purple/blue is a very unique blue. I dont have any for sell, but would be happy to show them to you.



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again, I wasn't trying to start a flame fest there. Just thought I should say that.


and again, I see fingers alternating all the way down. JMO but the one's in your pic look like they are striped. I do like them, didn't mean to imply different. Just think we have a difference in opinion.


See, the fingers are yellow from start to finish then purple from start to finish, not striped.

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Here is a good example of the more known morph of purple hornets that CA2OR is trying to explain. I really like the morph that you have Perry and think they are just as beautiful. Like all zoas there are soooooo many color morphs even within nominclature.



One from coralpedia:



I have seen many purple hornets and some look like the ones that Perry has here. I also believe that the picture that he put side by side with his is a pretty close representation if not the exact same variety so I don't think there is a difference really between the two he has posted. The ones I have posted are a bit different though, especially in the said alternating skirts.




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Garrett......you nailed it. I only see one type getting recognized as "True Purple Hornets" though, no color morph seems to be allowed or recognized. Either way, they are ALL nice and worth desire. Maybe not so much on the price side though.

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It's all about lighting. Light does some amazing things to corals.


Agreed. I have personally had 6 different lighting temperatures/types set up at the same time and placed various corals of the same type under these different lightings. It is quite amazing to see how different they turn out so I wouldn't completely discredit yours from being true purple hornets but I do believe they are a different morph based on the color in the ones you have posted. Could be the camera, could be the lighting, could even be the water chemistry but they do look like a different morph. Quite a nice one at that.




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Ah geez, I'm probably going to regret this, but my tongue hurts too much from biting it.


so then maybe mine are PH's then, it could just be lighting issue...(nutty)


JMO Naming of Zoa's if over rated and used with no other reason than profit making.


I think that the question regarding "Direct lineage" is a valid one, if you are "claiming" to have "True Purple Hornets" then they would have come from Gary or been traceable back to him.


So I know what "True Purple Hornets" look like


Eric, didn't this whole thing start (regretably in hindsight, I'm sure) because you posted "True Purple Hornets" for sale on RC for $50 a polyp? Without a lineage. That turned out to not to be Purple Hornets.


All that's fine, people make mistakes. But in these two threads and on RC you have agreed that the naming convention for zoos exists only to overcharge people for polyp. You've agreed that you should have lineage before posting things for sale as "True". And you have questioned the validity of someone elses PH's - saying you know what PH's look like?


Seems to me that you can either be wrong and ask people to cut you some slack - or have the moral high ground. But not both.


I wouldn't know a purple hornet from a pink elephant from a purple nurple (if that name doesn't exist I'm totally calling it). But before you toss stones, you should give your own walls a sound inspection - to see if they're glass.


This whole thread is just a pile of wrong, and now I'm just as guilty as everyone else DOH!

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dont feel guilty. Yes I agree, and with all being said I am guilty for doing what I say should not be done. Hindsight being 20\20 I would have waited or done more research before posting this thread. I did admit my mistakes on there, adjusted the title, and after finding the correct zoanthid ID posted it as such.

In responce to the knowing what they look like, I made the mistake of taking someone's word for it. I will say at first glance they do look like them, and my other mistake was thinking that lighting would make a difference. But after differences were pointed out and research done I quickly retracted my statements, publicly announced my misleading title and had it changed.

I will take all of this as a learning experience. One thing that I did learn is what you pointed out, naming is over rated and has only one purpose.

Again, Jason, don't feel guilty. This site is for people to share their opinions and experience no matter how they differ. One last note....the other thing I learned or at least got a better understanding of, I am still not a professional at ID'ing, from all of this is how to spot the difference between the morphs and the "true"

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