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The bay area coral farmers market.


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What ever happened with our Coral Draft idea/proposal?




I have only heard positive response about this! If Andy and others could possibly coordinate this, it would be great!

I will be glad to assist where I can. By taking a second look at his Coral Draft Proposal, and starting a team of organizers this should work!


Maybe we could do something like this:

The First Annual PNWMAS Coral Draft


1: Sell tickets for $50 ($75? $100? The larger the ticket price, the sweeter the corals in the Draft. Organizers would have to work closely with vendors when setting ticket prices, so we can be sure we'd be getting the level of corals we want)


2: Take the proceeds from the tickets and mass-buy LE ubercoral frags from sponsor(s). The number of corals bought would have to be 2x of the number of tickets sold (i.e. 50 tickets sold, 100 frags bought)


3: Have a club event where ticketholders are selected in random order to go up, one by one, to a tank holding all the corals and pick the frag of their choice. Once everyone has picked a coral, go through the list again in reverse order (that way, everyone gets a reasonable choice -- if you only went through the list once, the people at the end might feel they got the short end of the stick. Reversing the list the second time around means that the people who picked early in the first round pick late in the last, which seems fair to me).


4: Everyone goes home with two great corals that they picked, so it feels like browsing at the CFM plus everyone's a WINNAH!!


5: Sponsors get support during these rough times


A few other possibilities:

- Have two categories of tickets, SPS and LPS

- People can buy more than one ticket, getting more than one pick per round (order still random of course)

- Could have related raffles or games related to

-- picking First Round Draft Picks (people guess which 10(?) frags will be the first to go, the person with the most matches wins)

-- MVP Frag (people vote ahead of time on their favorite frag, person who takes that frag wins a prize)

-- Sponsors' Choice (each sponsor picks their favorite from the frags they supplied, person who takes that frag wins a goofball prize)

-- The "Always Picked Last" Award (people vote on the frag they'd least like to take, person who takes that frag wins a sweet prize)

-- It'd probably be wise to get a few extra corals to cover any that don't make it, could auction these off afterwards if they weren't needed after all.


Any volunteers?

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