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Just added 2 clowns to tank that already had one


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I had a pair of clowns and my female died one day. So I headed to the store to see if I could find a mate for my male. When I got there they had a 2 for 30 deal running so I started to toss the idea around. I called a couple people and pretty much heard the same advice echo in my ear from everyone(nono). "Dont do it, your male will just kill at least one if not both" so I did what I normally would do and didn't listen(scratch). As it turned out, upon adding the young one's, which are about a quarter of the size of my male, he did exactly what I was told he would do and started beating them up.(scary) His attitude changed almost immediately after they entered the water(enforcer). Then last night, about 1 week after adding them I found this.


All of a sudden they are all buddy buddy. Today I have 3 clowns hosting one anemone. At first he would only allow them around the border of the anemone like in the video, but now they are all in the middle. Was a bit nervous there, and wasn't looking forward to hearing the I told you so's. Kinda relieved to dissappoint.

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If my understanding of how these works is correct, I believe the dominant fish (now the larger male) will morph into a female and the others will stay male - in groups, there will be 1 female and multiple males. But I could be wrong.


So... I'm trying to figure out a way to say this so that it doesn't sound like a lecture - I'm not in a position to lecture anyone. That being said...


You had a mass fish-only (thank goodness) crash and lost all your fish. A month later, you are fully (and over) stocked. I'm guessing based on the timeline that you didn't QT the new adds. DOH!


Adding a full tank of fish that quickly would scare me - I'd keep a close eye on your levels to fend off a chemical spike. I hope your clown wasn't the canary in the coal mine - though you have other fish I would expect to be more delicate.


But, you know enough to know what you're doing.

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