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48 Inch Current USA 6x54W Nova Extreme Pro


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I have for sale a 48" Current USA T5 Nova Extreme Pro 6 bulb light fixture.


I am asking $200


Current bulbs in the fixture.


1) UVL Super Actinic (4 Months use)

2) UVL Actinic White (4 Months use)

3) Giesemann Aquablue+ (4 Months Use)

4) Current USA 10,000K (8 Months Use)

5) Current USA 480NM Actinic (8 Months Use)

6) Current USA 10,000K (8 Months Use)


I have three spare bulbs: 1 Current 10K(4 mos use) and 2 Current Actinic(4 mos use)


The light fixture itself is in perfect working order. It has removable docking legs, but one side of one leg is broken. I still use them but use a small clamp to hold together. A new set of docking legs is $8.00 or you could buy the optional hanging kit which I do not have. Reason for selling is I made the move to Metal Halides and a canopy for my new tank setup. Thanks for looking.




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how old is yhe fixture? what kind of shape is it in? it has the wrap around reflectors? do you have a pic of your tank with the light on it?


I bought the fixture last August so it is eight months or so old. The fixture itself is in perfect shape. The only issue is the previously mentioned broken mounting leg. New legs are $8.00, or you can still use the leg you just have to use a small clamp to assist in it staying up. Yes it has the individually contoured reflectors.


Best pic I have. In the top right of the photo you can see the clamp on the mounting leg.



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Hey Shane does it have two powercords or one? Thanks


Hey Ryan it has two cords on individual switches. One switch controls bulbs one and three, the other switch controls the other four bulbs.


I observed aforementioned fixture at his home, it is in great condition.


Thank you



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Well I asked the wife if I could get it... Dumb question! sorry! ill keep working on her though.


LanceCobb1 No worries, I totally understand.


Forgiveness instead of permission!


Andy, whew!! Not if I want to sleep in my own bed. Thanks for the bump.



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How's about $200? Any takers??? This fixture is in perfect shape and works like a champ. Just sitting in my living occupying space.


I will even deliver a reasonable distance FREE of charge. :eek: That's how nice I am. :D I get to pick the day though.



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